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Kickstart 2019!

January 5, 2019
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January 5, 2019 Paxiom Blog

Some Tasks to Start with…

  • Clean up your inbox

  • Complete as many small tasks as possible

  • Set goals and benchmarks

  • Develop a game plan for the next 12 months


Business Evaluation

The New Year is always a great time to evaluation your business and plan for any large changes ahead of time. Schedule a webinar with a Paxiom consultant today. We are a resource! Use us! We can go over your business from top to bottom providing the best possible solution(s) to make your business more efficient! Automation is great step towards company growth! 2019 is the time to grow!

Promote your business regularly and consistently (As a sales rep, you are the owner of your business!)

Ever heard “consistency is key?” It’s true! Business branding is no different than anything else you would want to accomplish in life. Consistent, cohesive branding sticks! When a consumer sees the same clear message time and time again, when they are ready, they will buy from you!

Define and build on your desired business culture.

Culture is where it all starts. People feed off of their environments. If you are creating and emulating what you want to see in people, you will receive that in return.

Evaluate all Current technology

In today’s society technology is out of date almost the second your purchase it. Annually checking in on this ensures you and your team have all of the resources needed for a successful year!


Stop chasing distractions. It is important to know what you do well, stick to it. Sometimes things don’t work for a reason. Trying to add and expand into ventures that just aren’t work can draw your attention away from what you are great at. It can limit and obstruct the success of what you do well!

Set Clear expectations with measureable results

Setting clear expectations gives every one a common goal to work towards. Without benchmarks, how will you know when and if you’ve accomplished certain items? Everything you do should be quantifiable in one way or another.