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Packaging Machinery Systems in California

The Paxiom Group is a leader in the packaging industry and specializes in manufacturing a wide selection of packaging machinery and systems for our west coast, California business owners. One of its packaging product lines is the Vertical Form, Fill & Seal family of packaging machines. These types of machinery are engineered to work on various industries, including frozen foods, coffee, chocolates, poultry, cheese, powders, and more.

Twin Star Auger filling machine and XPdius vertical form fill and seal machine for packaging powders

Under this category, our company has developed two models, the XPdius and VerTek. While each model is distinctively designed for specific bagging requirements, they share one thing in common, and that is the use of vertical form fill and seal (VFFS) technology. The process starts with the machine transferring the film thru the forming collar. The film will be folded while the back of the pouch is sealed. After moving the bag, it will be filled with your desired product. When there’s enough product inside, the pouch will be closed and sealed.

The end product will have two kinds of seals:

1) either a top or bottom horizontal seal, and 2) a vertical back seal.

VerTek 800 and VerTek 1200

If you’re looking for a compact yet versatile packaging machine, you’d best go with either our VerTek 800 or VerTek 1200 models. They can create up to 60 pouches per minute with up to 12 inches in width. These VFFS machines are easy to access, so maintenance and product changeover will be a breeze. They also come with a big color touch screen, side access panel, heating elements, and more. With those features and then some combined, you can assure yourself that you’re getting a piece of outstanding machinery made for easy maintenance, service, and operation.

XPdius Elite 130

If your packaging requirements and needs are much advanced and demanding, we have our high-performance bagger that is designed for speed and serviceability. It is capable of finishing up to 100 products per minute, thanks to its dual servo motors and drives. We created the XPdius with the operator in mind; thus, we made sure that it comes with standard features such as vacuum pull belts and heavy-duty stainless steel frame. And we didn’t just stop there because we also added other features including front Lexan doors, tool-less pull belts, and a cantilevered air film shaft.

If you own a California based company, then we’ve got you covered. Give us a call to discuss all the possibilities our packaging systems can accomplish for your business.