At first glance, Quebec, Canada may seem like the city counterpart of France, with its scenic old buildings and staggering stone walls. Plus, there’s also the unmistakable sounds of the French language anywhere you go, making it feel like you’re truly in Europe. However, the city bears a distinct character brought about by its grandiose cultural heritage as evident in Quebec’s world-class museums. The Quartier Petit Champlain is one of the city’s popular neighborhoods. The old-fashion vibes it gives off make the area charming, especially with the presence of small restaurants and boutiques. You can also head up to the Terrasse Dufferin and admire the breathtaking view of the St. Lawrence River. Every winter, the long boardwalk has a big wooden slide for both kids and adults to enjoy. If you have time, you may want to explore the park and water activities on Quai Paquet. Or, you can also climb the red stairs and get yourself an ice cream at Les Chocolats Favoris.

Packaging machinery solutions in Quebec, Canada

Paxiom has served the packaging industry for nearly three decades now. Our packaging machines and solutions have been utilized in several places in the world. In addition to our four main packaging solutions such as vertical form & seal, horizontal form, fill & seal, pre-made pouch bagging, and flow wrapping, our packaging technology also extends to net weigh filling, auger filling, multi-head weighing and many more.

Auger filling solution

The packaging doesn’t just revolve in producing an attractive container. Every package has to have the right amount of product. Filling machines such as auger fillers are designed to assist package products as quickly and accurately as possible. The product is stored in a vessel, which in this case, is the hopper.

Auger fillers have drill-shaped screws that will drill accurate holes in materials. This filling packaging machine dispenses materials using the auger screw, thus the name. The auger filling technology is ideal for applications that require dividing and dispensing of powders, chemicals, spices, baking mixes, salt, and other materials with the same characteristics.

Star Auger

Our Star Auger automatic filler delivers speed, precision, and versatility when filling products into containers. It uses a screw to determine the number of revolutions needed to achieve your desired product weight. We have two models of Star Auger available:

  • Star Auger 100 has 26 L hopper
  • Star Auger 200 has 50 L hopper

Both models are equipped with servo motor drives to guarantee speed, accuracy, and precision. For consistency and reliability of weights, we engineered our Star Auger machines to have self-adjusting screws and level sensors. You can also expect to experience fast cleaning and change-over as we have designed them with quick-release design, easy-to-remove tooling, and a hinge hopper door.

When it comes to versatility, the Star Auger can read weights in grams or ounces. It can also be operated automatically or semi-automatically, whichever you prefer. Our dispenser packaging machine can be seamlessly integrated with an auxiliary machine, whether it’s a horizontal form & seal, pre-made bag, vertical form & seal, or automatic container indexing machine. The Star Auger 100 and 200 each have a color touch screen, a stainless steel frame, a product hopper, servo motors, and PLC controls.

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