New Jersey

Named as “The Garden State,” New Jersey takes pride in its booming agriculture and small farms. But apart from gardens, New Jersey also attributes its fame to other things, from the outstanding beauty of national parks and areas to the captivating historical sites and museums. Start your New Jersey tour by taking a walk or a bicycle ride on the famous Boardwalk of Atlantic City. The coastal city also offers many historical and cultural destinations such as Absecon Lighthouse and Boardwalk Hall. If you’re looking into an adventure in the woods, Pinelands Adventures can give you a magical day, a place where secrets are kept away in the pines. Spending the day at Sandy Hook at the northern end of the Jersey Shore is also a great choice. You can bring your bike and ride around the area after hours of lounging on the sand. Whether you go south or west, you’ll likely end up loving the rural towns of New Jersey. During the fall season, you can pick some apples and pumpkins in those areas.

Bulk food packaging machinery in New Jersey

At Paxiom, we provide numerous solutions for packaging machinery and filling food service and bulk food. The average weight of the product for our filling applications ranges from 5 pounds to 50 pounds. The product is filled into containers, bags, corrugated cases, or pouches, depending on your needs. Our wide selection of machines is constructed based on production requirements, footprint, budget, and package style.


For the primary packaging of food service, we have the Bingo Bagger that automatically fills and seals pre-made large bags made with polyethylene. Another bulk packaging machine is our Swifty Bagger 1200. It is perfect for filling large stand-up pouches with zipper enclosures. Meanwhile, the VerTek 1600 and VerTek 2400 are capable of forming, filling, and sealing large bags using vertical bagging technology. Both vertical baggers can create standard pillow bags and gusseted pouches with zipper insertions.

Weigh-filling cases for bulk

Boost your profitability and achieve accurate fills with our PrimoLinear bulk net weight filling machine. It is incredibly easy to operate and clean. You can use it together with our box indexing conveyor to create a complete packaging system that is ideal for bulk packaging production needs.

Our PrimoLinear is used to fill corrugated boxes of as much as 50 pounds. With its PC controls, unlimited recipe storage is now possible, as well as excellent software features like Crystal Reports, Windows, and Skype. The V-25 weigh filling machine is capable of accurately weighing and dispensing products up to 20,000 pounds.

Pre-made pouch filling

We also manufacture a family of packaging machines that use horizontal bagging technology. This horizontal bagger series will open, fill and seal several types and styles of pre-made wicket bags. Wicket pouches make an excellent packaging solution, bringing automation to the packaging process. Through wicket wires, the pouches are stacked together so they can be smoothly loaded into the bagging machine for filling. Once the bags are filled with bulk food, they are automatically released from the wicket holder and then sealed.

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