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Packaging machinery in Texas

The Paxiom Group is responsible for manufacturing excellent quality packaging machines and systems. Our most popular brands are EndFlex, ValTara, and WeighPack Systems. We offer a wide range of primary and secondary packaging solutions, no matter what production budget and requirements you have. Among our diverse line of primary packaging solution is our family of horizontal flow pack machines, the SleekWrapper series.

What is primary packaging?

Primary packaging refers to the piece of packaging that is directly in contact with the product itself. It is sometimes called retail packaging. Primary packaging can refer to the glass bottle that contains your milk, or the plastic wrapper that holds your chocolate. This type of packaging is mostly meant to preserve the product. But aside from providing protection, primary packaging is also used to inform the end-user or consumer. The packaging material can carry your company logo, slogan, and other important information that set your products or business from the others.

The economical SleekWrapper 40

The Sleek40 servo-driven packaging machine is made simple, yet, still reliable so it can produce up to 7” wide of packages. Its four servo motors play a considerable role in providing a quick and easy changeover, as well as adjustment. With Sleek40, you can have a packaging machine that runs on numerous material types such as foil film, co-extruded, multilayer, micro-perf, and polypropylene.

The heavy-duty SleekWrapper 45 and 65

Our heavy-duty Sleek45 and Sleek65 are perfect for mid-range to high production rates and bag requirements. They are intended for high-performance wrapping projects and can work on packages of up to 11.8” wide. The Sleek45 has four servo drives while the Sleek65 has five servo drives. This servo technology is engineered to offer simplicity, durability, and serviceability that fit every production needs. It can also lessen product and film waster, thus, providing low maintenance expenses.

Production rates

  • SleekWrapper 65 produces as many as 200 packages in one minute
  • SleekWrapper 45 delivers as many as 150 packages in one minute
  • SleekWrapper 40 provides as many as 100 packages in one minute

Some of the industries that work perfectly with our horizontal flow wrapping machines are confections, chocolates, home goods, fresh produce, granola bars, and healthcare items.

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