Ontario is a province where Toronto, Canada’s largest city, is located. It is most famous for its vast area of wilderness and clear lakes. The province has established itself as a place with a robust modern service and information economy. Ontario is also home to the world-renowned Niagara Falls, the nation’s most visited natural attractions. During the summer season, many people go to Ontario to explore and see some of the country’s famous galleries, amusement parks, resorts, rivers, camps, and landmarks. The CN Tower is a perfect example of Ontario’s treasures. It’s a 553-meter tower that brightens the area at night and is visible from all over Toronto City. Another remarkable place you can visit is the Parliament Hill in Ottawa. The beautiful buildings are set on a rise above the Ottawa River. As a society that embraces multiculturism and tolerance, it’s no wonder that Ontario’s cities attract a significant number of people from around the world.

Packaging machinery solutions in Ontario, Canada

Along with our primary packaging solutions such as flow wrapping, horizontal sealing, and more, the Paxiom Group also provides tray forming solutions as part of our packaging machine technology. For production projects that require automatically folding and tucking die-cut trays, our PopLok tray former is engineered to your exact needs. Our tray forming packaging machine is perfect for electronics, hardware, apparel, and consumer goods, to name a few.

PopLok all in one automatic carton forming machine for die trays and automatically loading an insert front side

PopLok Tray Erector

The PopLok is operator-friendly and less costly to maintain since it doesn’t require expensive change parts. If you’re looking for a way to automate the process of folding trays, consider using the PopLok.

The tray erecting process starts with the blanks being loaded into the hopper. Next, the tray blanks will be pulled by the vacuum cups into the forming area. From there, the side and end panels of the tray will be erected, and at the same time, the flaps will be folded. Once folded, the tray will proceed to the bottom of the vertical travel where a set of tucker bars will fold and secure the roll-over flap in place. Finally, the newly formed trays will exit the former in an orderly manner.

The PopLok runs on various styles of tray such as:

1. Octagon 4-tuck
2. 2-tuck tray
3. Tray with lid 2-tuck
4. Tapered 2-tuck
5. 5-tuck display tray
6. Swing lock 2-tuck


  • An easy-to-use color touch screen that comes with unique features like batch screen and online help center
  • No mandrel required even when forming multiple tray sizes
  • A magazine that can be loaded quickly, so the loading of tray blanks continues smoothly without stopping the former
  • Interlocked doors that provide secure and fast access to the machine parts, which also allows a more straightforward maintenance process
  • Up-to-date control panels to make servicing safe and reliable
  • Easy-to-access pneumatic components for preventative maintenance needs
  • No glue nor tape are used as materials so trays can be completely recycled
  • No repetitive motion issues and insurance claims
  • A central valve exhaust to minimize noise and provide clean air

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