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Turnkey Systems

We can customize complete turnkey solutions to meet almost any production need. From food and beverage to cannabis or chemicals, we have a deep lineup of automated packaging machines from upstream weigh fillers and baggers to downstream case packers and palletizers.

We engineer and manufacture the machines you need to fully integrate your product packaging line, giving you the peace of mind that comes from one vendor taking complete line responsibility. Let’s start your system today!

As one of our clients said to us, “you found a solution for our product packaging needs after everyone else said it couldn’t be done.”

Container Filling & Handling

The turnkey system below was delivered to one of our clients in California to weigh and fill product into containers prior to capping, sealing and labeling. The containers are then placed into cartons ready for case packing.

We can help you automatically fill your rigid plastic, cardboard, metal or glass containers seamlessly with products such as hardware, candy, sliced fruit, nuts, salt, gummies and cannabis flower.

Container Filling Video Library

Bottle Packaging

Tray Forming / Case Packing / Palletizing System

This client needed to decrease labor costs with an end-of-line solution that would work with their existing primary packaging system.

Engineered specifically to pack their bottled product, this customized system was conceived, designed and built in just 20 weeks.

We configured this system around their unique bottle shape, existing tray and case dimensions and required daily production goal. Because of its modular design, they have the flexibility to add future stations such as automated product loading and case labeling.

Let us customize a fully automated end-of-line system to meet your specific product or container size.

Bottle Packaging Video Library

Bagging Systems

Pouch Filling / Drop Packing / Palletizing System

This turnkey system was specifically designed to weigh powder into bags, pack them into cases and palletize them without a single person ever touching the bags.

Our solution allowed this Utah client to repurpose their staff to more important roles and increase efficiency.

We can also customize this line to include a semiautomated case packing system for those that want to hand pack their cases prior to palletizing.

Bagging Systems Video Library

Bag-in-box Bulk Filling System

We have the solution for bagging your bulk quantities of pet food, frozen food, snacks, wrapped candy and much more with this workhorse system.

Beginning with our Boxxer case erector to form the case, our BI 600 bag inserter then dispenses film on a roll, cuts, seals and inserts the bag into the case. Once the product is weighed and filled, using a V25 bulk weigh filler in this case, the case then passes to the BU 600 bag uncuffer. The bag is then uncuffed from the case and folded over the product prior to passing to our EZ Tape case sealer. Bag sealing and vacuum assemblies are also available.

This system can be easily matched up with our Z.Zag robotic palletizer to fully automate your bulk bagging line.

Bag-in-box Bulk Filling System Video Library