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Here at Paxiom, we know you need the ability to package a large variety of products at different run rates and in varying package types and sizes.

We offer the widest variety of packaging machines for filling, wrapping, bagging, conveying, tray forming and case packing. Our solutions can be as flexible, compact and as fast as you need them to be while being supplied, delivered and serviced by one company! We have delivered over 6,000 packaging machines globally for many of the same products your customers enjoy daily!

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bagging machine

Our vertical form, fill and seal technology offers flexibility, reduced material cost and a compact footprint while packaging a wide variety of products including ingredients, snacks, fruits, vegetables, frozen foods, spices and powders.


Easily integrate a weigh filler for solids, an auger filler for powders or a piston filler for liquids and pastes.


meal kit wrapping machine

We offer automatic flow wrapping machines to fit your budget, production rate and floorplan. Use our SleekWrapperTM automatic flow wrapping machines to wrap complete meal kits with a drink box!


These machines are also commonly used for wrapping solid products like bars, snacks, bread, cutlery as well as produce including herbs, green onions, carrots and asparagus.


The Sleek Inverted flow packer can run in three modes: Eye mark with photocell, set length with encoder or auto-detect for random length products.



jar filling machine

Fill containers, cups, jars, clamshells and tubs with our automated container filling and packaging machines. Engineered to your specific needs and designed for quick changeover and user-friendliness, our container filling systems include both straight line and rotary indexing conveying to dispense solids, powders and liquids.


Lets us customize a system for you that also includes automatic capping, labeling and induction sealing.


ecommerce tray forming machine


Automate your shipper and case forming process with our corrugated packaging machines for erecting cases and forming trays with lids.


Our end of line solutions are tailored to your desired case design, production output and floor space.