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Our family of vertical bagging machines includes models for both mid-range and high-speed packaging as well as small or large bag sizes. Both the VerTek® and XPdius® series of vertical form fill and seal machines are engineered to seal a wide variety of film types, structures and styles.

We have installed hundreds of vertical form fill and seal machines around the world for a variety of products including candy packaging, snack food packaging, chocolate packaging, vegetable packaging, fruit packaging, cheese packaging, meat packaging, poultry packaging, pet food packaging, bakery packaging, cannabis packaging, hemp packaging, vitamin gummy packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, medicinal packaging, frozen food packaging and grain packaging.

How does vertical form fill and seal technology work?

The vertical form, fill and seal process (also known as VFS or VFFS or vertical bagging) starts with a cylindrical roll of film. The vertical bagging machine will transfer film from the roll through the forming collar (aka tube or plow). Once transferred through the collar, the film will then fold and the vertical seal bars will extend to seal the back of the pouch. Once the desired pouch length is transferred and filled with product, the horizontal seal bars will then close, seal and cut the pouch providing a finished product with top and bottom horizontal seals and one vertical back seal.

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The VersaPak is the most compact vertical form, fill and seal machine designed to produce pillow bags. Engineered to be manually or auto loaded, this bagging machine can sit on any surface and package your product effectively. Using non-proprietary flat roll stock film, pouches will be formed over the collar with back and horizontal seals. Producing up to 20 pouches per minute, this versatile bagging machine is easy to use, clean and change over.

Automatically package fruits, vegetables, snacks, candies, hardware, parts, tools, household goods, personal care items and anything else that needs automatic bagging.

For rates up to 20 pouches per minute

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Engineered for high-speed applications, this continuous motion vertical form, fill and seal machine can handle multiple package formats and produces a wide range of package sizes providing flexibility for both retail and club size packaging, up to 150 bags per minute! The vertical sealing bars are continuously in motion so the film does not need to stop to receive its vertical seal.

For mechanical rates up to 9,000 bags per hour

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Designed for ease of use, the VerTek 800 and 1200 series can produce pouches up to 12 inches wide in a variety of shapes and sizes including small format, pillow and gusseted pouches.

Engineered with a single piece 304 stainless steel frame; the VerTek is the industry’s easiest bagging machine to clean and offers convenient access for maintenance.

VerTek 800 for pouches up to 8 inches wide (200mm)
VerTek 1200 for pouches up to 12 inches wide (300mm)

Additional features include a 10-inch color touchscreen; quick disconnect sealing jaws and heating elements, a side access panel for easier maintenance and an integrated encoder.

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Designed to combine horizontal flow wrapping and vertical bagging in one compact machine, the Elite i130 is the most easily serviceable vertical bagging machine on the market today. This vertical form and seal machine is commonly used for high-speed applications ranging from 50 to 100 packages per minute and can produce pouches up to 13 inches (330mm) wide. Perfect for products such as frozen food, vegetables, snacks and pasta, it is as user-friendly as it is fast.

Machine features include a heavy-duty stainless steel frame with anodized aluminum side plates, precise control over seal jaw travel, toolless removable vacuum pull belts, air shafts that eliminate the need for side chucks, an open design for easy film threading and servo drives on both the pull belts and sealing jaws for increased speed and accuracy.

Available options include gas flushing, polyethylene seal assembly, hole punch, pivoting pouch support, bag squeezers to reduce air in the headspace, and provisions for code dating/printing devices.

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The heavy-duty VerTek 2400 vertical form, fill and seal machine is engineered for the toughest and heaviest of filling applications and can produce pillow or gusseted pouches up to 24 inches wide (600 mm). Its welded tubular steel construction makes it perfect for any bulk packaging application.

The robust 2400 has been used for beer hop pellets, confections, pet food, rice, beans, flour, powders and polymers and can seal a variety of film structures including laminate, metalized structures and polyethylene.

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