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Engineered to accurately weigh and fill a variety of containers from jars, bottles and cans to trays, cartons and cases, our automatic container filling solutions are perfect for a wide variety of retail and wholesale products including club-sized and bulk packaging as well as nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, and cannabis applications including gummies.

Our container filling machines are engineered for your specific production rate, floor plan and budget.

Filling jars, cans, trays & clamshells

Automatically fill rigid plastic, cardboard, metal or glass containers seamlessly with our custom-designed container filling machines.

Great for weigh filling containers with hardware, candy, chocolates, nuts, snacks, pharmaceuticals, powders, tablets, gel caps, gummy edibles, cannabis and medicinals.

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SpinDexer HS – High Speed Container Filler

The SpinDexer-HS is designed to fill bottles, containers, jars and cans at high speeds by way of continuous motion with traveling funnels.

This continuous motion container filling systems can fill a wide variety products including nuts, candy, confections, cheese, spices, coffee, gummies, vegetables, fruits, medicinals, pharmaceuticals, pet food and much more.

This system includes stainless steel traveling funnels that follow the bottle during the entire filling process which promotes accuracy, high speeds and performance.

High quality components include Omron PLC, SMC pneumatics, Festo valves. Features include tool-less removable contact parts, dual timing boxes, timing screw, color coordinated star wheels and more.

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SpinDexer Rotary Container Filler

The SpinDexer rotary indexing conveyor and container filler is engineered for high-speed applications and when you need to fill narrow containers.

Commonly used for filling jars, cans, tubes or containers with confections, gummies, snack foods, frozen foods, fruits, vegetables, hardware, pharmaceuticals, cannabis and medicinals.

A popular application for the SpinDexer is the filling of vitamin, pharmaceutical or cannabis gummies. The SpinDexer is a staple for gummy rotary bottle filling due to its high-speed, accuracy, and packaging rate.

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Bulk weigh filling for cases & totes

Automatically weigh fill cases and totes with our PrimoLinear®  V-25 bulk weighing machine and box indexing conveyor.

This system is easy to service and sanitize and is designed with controls that seamlessly interface with ancillary machines to assure no-container, no-fill operation and optimal cycle speed with real-time communication between machines.

Our conveyor indexing solution makes it perfect for for filling corrugate cases, trays or plastic bins.

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