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Packaging Machinery in Florida

Paxiom offers pre-made pouch packaging machines to fulfill the needs of your Florida business. These automatic machines are intended to open, fill, and seal bags. When you need a fast and operator-friendly machine, our pouch filling machines are the perfect solution. They are ideal for a variety of pouch styles including doy, seal pillow, gusseted, wicketed, 3 or 4 sided, and quad seal bags.

Our pre-made pouch filling machines come in three brands:

1) Swifty Bagger, 2) Bingo Bagger, and 3) Zippy Bagger.

Swifty Bagger

For medium to high production rates, our Swifty Bagger 1200 and 3600 are the best. They are built with a robust design so they can survive the vigor of today’s production needs. The 3600 has a production rate of 45 CPM (cycles per minute) while 1200 can fill 30 bags in one period. As for entry-level production, our Swifty Junior is made precisely for this. It can complete up to 15 pre-made bags in one minute.

We also have the compact Swifty Mini that works best for smaller bag requirements and production rates of up to 18 pre-made pouches per minute. Our family of Swifty Bagger packaging machines is constructed with distinctive straight-line design. This is done to let the operator single-handedly oversee the whole process of opening, filling, and sealing the pouches.

Bingo Bagger

Explicitly designed for vacuum or nitrogen packaging, the Bingo Bagger can accommodate big bag applications in addition to your vacuum packaging requirements. As most of our packaging machinery, Bingo operates automatically. However, it’s the only pre-made bagging machine that offers vacuum or gas flush option during the sealing process. This unique feature is used to preserve and extend the shelf life of a product. The Bingo machine is constructed with a stainless steel frame and can be discharged in two ways: right-to-left or left-to-right.

Zippy Bagger

The Zippy Bagger is a simple yet powerful packaging machine that can fill up to 2,000 pre-made wicket pouches in just an hour. It opens, fills, and seals pouches into one automatic process. The Zippy Bagger operates on pouches made with laminated or polyethylene materials. This compact bagging machine is typically used to fill pouches with hardware, frozen foods, and injection molded pieces. It also provides a simple, fast change-over process, as well as easy-to-integrate filler interface connections.

If your business is located in the “Sunshine State” we are here to help. Give us a call today.