Paxiom Group manufactures a diverse selection of automated vertical cartoning machine systems from weigh-filling and primary packaging to secondary and end-of-line packaging solutions. As part of our secondary packaging solutions, we recently added a product line of carton and chipboard forming machinery to accommodate our customers who have needs for this specific packaging solution.


Cartoning machines that are designed to produce a folded carton, load it with the product(s) vertically from an open end, tuck the end flap and apply glue or adhesive is what we call as an end-load vertical cartoning machine. In general, a cartoning machine is widely used for packaging medicine, cosmetics, confectionery, and so much more.

They can be categorized into two types: horizontal and vertical cartoning machine. In Paxiom Group, one of our brands, EndFlex, only manufactures vertical cartoners and the name of this machine is Boxxer Kartnr. Our carton forming solutions are all operated automatically to form, load and close vertical chipboard cartons. The Boxxer Kartnr is engineered to create auto-lock or pop-open cartons, insert containers and close the lid. However, we also provide other models for bottom or top gluing, bottom or top tucking, and applying tape to give our customers more options to choose from.

Our Kartnr is designed to automatically the carton blank from the hopper and move it to the erecting station. The carton is then pulled and erected at the erecting station. Once erected, the carton is conveyed to the loading station where it will be filled with product. Lastly, the minor flaps are folded down by the pivoting arm, after which, the major flap is tucked all the while being discharged. This robust vertical cartoning unit can be used alone to form chipboard or corrugated cartons or you can also have it integrated into a fully automatic packaging system. Our Boxxer Kartnr is also smartly engineered to work end load cartons ranging from small to medium sizes.