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Alabama Packaging Machinery


Packing Systems in Alabama

If you’re considering moving to Alabama, or maybe, just visit some places, then you better get yourself ready for breathtaking shorelines, unbelievably low costs, and welcoming folks. Known as the “Heart of Dixie” and the “Cotton State,” Alabama boasts its deep-rooted history, mouth-watering cuisines, and passion for football, all of which are just three of the many things that you will experience in this state. At Alabama, they have what they call “Southern Hospitality,” prompting locals to smile and welcome to strangers and visitors.

If you’re a foodie, you’d enjoy Alabama as this place is home to a variety of delicious food, such as fresh Gulf seafood (a must-try), ethnic cuisine, and flavorful barbecue. Additionally, this US state is also deeply involved in the making of music history, particularly in genres like country music, blues, and jazz. So make sure to stop by any of their music attractions. Looking for a place to relax and unwind? Alabama is every outdoor lover’s paradise, from white-sand beaches to mountain ranges. Destinations like the Talladega Mountains and Gulf Shores are two of the topmost visited places in this state.

Automating your packaging line with Paxiom Group

Paxiom Group is an all-around packaging manufacturer that offers various types of packaging machines for several technologies including bagging, case erecting, case packing, conveying, weigh filling, wrapping, and robotic palletizing.

Easily dubbed as the heart of most packaging lines, a filling machine dispenses the product to the pouch, box, cartons, pouch, vial, or other container types. Filling machines come in different types, with each type specifically engineered for different types of products, be it free-flowing liquids, gels, or thick pastes. A packaging filler machine can feature several different heads to cater to various production demands. Most often, they come with easy upgrading to allow more nozzles when the need arises in the future. This type of packaging machine can also be manufactured to fill to a specific volume, level, or net weight depending on the needs of the business.

Auger Filler Packaging Machine for Powder

Thanks to the development of auger powder filling machines, manufacturers of powdered products can now automate their filling processes and use various container types like sachet, pillow bags, and stick packs. Auger filler is used to fill and package food items like spices, baking powder, cacao, and other items in powdered form. There are several benefits of using an Auger Powder Filler packaging machines, which includes:

  • When operating, it has minimal friction and is incredibly stable
  • Has smooth movement and operates at a fast speed
  • Features a touch screen which is used to operate its programmable logical controller
  • Offers English and other languages so the operator can conveniently maneuver the touch screen
  • Made with stainless steel

Powders are fine particles that are results of grinding, crushing, disintegrating solid substances. In industrial settings, it’s possible to fill powder products as raw materials, an intermediate item from a process, and the finished result of a process. Thus, during the filling process, it’s essential to consider those three major aspects when choosing a packaging container. Also, you must understand the characteristics of the powder before selecting a powder filling machine. Powders can be fine, very fine, coarse, moderately coarse, or very coarse.

They also have unique and distinct physical properties, wherein some are free-flowing and others are non-free-flowing or semi-free flowing. For non-free-flowing powders, they typically need a large auger to quickly push all the trapped powder towards the funnel. Meanwhile, an auger with parallel flights is ideal for semi-free flowing powders. Lastly, free-flowing powders require a way to stop the powder flow, which can be achieved using a spinner disc.

Star Auger Powder Filler from Paxiom

Manufactured under one of Paxiom’s brands, WeighPack Systems, our Star Auger is available in 100 and 200 models, both of which offer speed, versatility, and precision when dealing with powders and granules. The Star Auger 100 has a 26 L hopper while the Star Auger 200 has a 50 L hopper. Except for the capacity of the hopper, all models of the Star Auger packaging machine are built to match specific product requirements. As such, we made sure to use 304 food-grade stainless-steel for its material and provide quick-removable tooling and hopper to allow simple cleaning and maintenance.

Other top features we have added are:

  • Servo motor drives
  • Self-adjusting auger screw
  • Level sensors
  • Quick-release configuration
  • Hinged hopper door
  • Semi-automatic and fully-automatic modes
  • Easy integration with other packaging machines
  • 100 product settings
  • Transparent viewing glass
  • Automatic weight adjustment