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Auger volumetric filling machine

Star Auger filling machine with floor stand

The basics of Auger Fillers

Most products are required to be packaged before leaving the factory. The packaging is more than just a product having an attractive container. Ensuring the right quantity of the product is achieved is just as important. And this is where filling machines like auger fillers come into play. Auger fillers are a type of packaging machine that’s designed to package products accurately and quickly.

Their primary function is to fill the right amount of product into the container, be it a jar, bottle, pouch, or any other type of container. The product to be dispensed is stored in a high-capacity hopper. For every cycle, the auger filler dispenses a predetermined amount of product into the container. An auger refers to a screw-shaped drill to place accurate holes in materials. Another usage for this term is a screw-shaped material conveyor that moves materials forward as it rotates. As for auger fillers as in packaging machines, they work to dispense products using an auger screw, thus the name.

Automatic vs semi-automatic auger fillers

Automatic auger fillers and semi-automatic auger fillers vary in several aspects. But if we were to pick the two most distinct differences, then it’s the cost and training. For instance, more intricate models like an automatic dual head machine with a built-in checkweigher requires some operator training. Simply put, you either hold training within your facility or hire a service tech to assist with the startup. As for the costs, while automatic fillers range in prices, they still cost remarkably more than semi-automatic fillers.

If your main goal is to increase your production and ensure efficiency, then automating your line using an automatic auger filler is the better option. Switching from a traditional filling line to an automated one lets you save downtime costs, increase your productivity, and reduce labor costs.

Choose Star Auger from the Paxiom Group

Coming from a reputable brand like Paxiom, our Star Auger filling machine won’t disappoint. For starters, it’s designed to allow speed, versatility, and precision like no other when dealing with your powders and granules.

Auger filler systems are composed of five main sub-systems:

1. Drive assembly includes the motor and start-stop mechanisms for precise filling. Fillers can have clutch and brake or servo drives.
2. Hopper refers to the vessel that stores the products to be packed.
3. Tooling is composed of systems that can be modified to match the desired requirements. Typically, it includes the auger, funnel, agitators, and other filling parts.
4. Support structure refers to where the entire filling system stands.
5. Controls are mechanisms that give the operator control over the auger filler.

Typically used to package products with similar characteristics as powders and granules, the Star Auger can be used in conjunction with auxiliary packaging machines like vertical/horizontal form and seal baggers, pre-made bag machines, or automatic container indexing systems. The Star Auger 100 has a 26 L hopper while the Star Auger 200 has a 50 L hopper. With its servo motor drive, this auger filler of ours guarantees optimum accuracy and speed. On top of that, we have built it with a hinged hopper door so it’s easier to clean it. Made with versatility in mind, our Star Auger can be operated semi-automatically or in a fully automatic mode, whichever level of automation suits you. And speaking of versatility, this filling system is also capable of reading in ounces or grams.