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Arizona Packaging Machinery


Packaging Machinery in Arizona

Dubbed as the Grand Canyon State, Arizona is the 6th largest state physically and is best known for its geography and weather. Classified into two parts, Northern Arizona is brimming with mountain ranges, canyons, and forests while Southern Arizona boasts a hot desert climate. Suffice it to say, Arizona is home to some of the most wonderful and unique terrains in the country, thanks to its rocky canyons and giant mountains. The Grand Canyon, for starters, is a no-brainer tourist destination and looks even better than the pictures and gets the chance to hike along the unreal blue and purple hills and rock.

If they have the Grand Canyon as the king, then they also have the majestic beauty of Sedona. It’s one of the most beautiful places in Arizona that will leave you gasping because of its stark and beautiful colors, vistas, and serenity. And come evening, you can see stargaze while being surrounded by red rocks and crazy canyons. For wine lovers, there are four wineries on the Verde Valley Wine Trail that will more than quench your thirst. From simple road trips to taking in nature’s beauty to rejuvenating getaways, Arizona has something to offer for everyone.

The impact of packaging machines

Over the years, packaging machinery has become a widely used tool for the packaging needs of the food and non-food processing industry. There are so many choices to choose from regarding packaging designs and materials. After all, attractive food packaging is one of the first things that attract customers to try a product. Nowadays, automation packaging has also changed the packaging scenario in several huge ways, relying more now on robotic systems and less on human labor.

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of packaging machines is their ability to reduce that time needed to finish a procedure, thus, improving speed and efficiency. With high-quality packaging, businesses can ensure that their products are securely packaged. The right packaging also ensures the freshness of the product, as well as the flavor and taste of food items, are retained for longer periods. Packaging protects the item from all external factors, specifically food items, making them free from bacteria and germs.

Types of packaging machines

Packaging machinery provides expansive benefits. They are divided into two major types:

  1. Automatic Packaging Machine
  2. Semi-automatic Packaging Machine

Between the two types, automatic packaging machines are the more preferred type since it could provide greater efficiency in food manufacturing processes. Plus, they’re easy to use and they come in numerous kinds, making it easier to find one that suits the exact needs and requirements of a business.

Container Filling Packaging Machines

As a global leader in the packaging industry, we at Paxiom Group take great pride in our wide selection of packaging technologies, from filling, packaging, end-of-line automation to auxiliary and conveying. When it comes to filling machines, there is a good amount of this type of machinery in the market considering the different containers used for almost every product we have today. For our container filling solutions at Paxiom, several types of machines have been created to handle various container sizes. We offer a broad range of automatic container filling machines for wholesale, retail, club size, and bulk packaging solutions. So, whether you want to add to an existing packaging line, or develop a new one, we have everything you may need to get your production projects done and running efficiently.

SpinDexer for high-speed container filling

Designed for filling rigid containers, our unique and easy to use SpinDexer Rotary Indexing Conveyor offers high-speed filling rates. This filling packaging machine is commonly used for snack foods, powders, coffee, tea, and confections. It can also accommodate irregularly shaped items.

Bulk Weigh Filling for cases and totes

The V-25 filler is a Bulk Net Weighing type of machine that can also work as an indexing conveyor. It functions by automatically weigh filling your corrugated cases. It features a complete set of controls that’s easy to integrate with accessory machinery. This filler packaging machine is also capable of optimizing cycle speed. Furthermore, our V-25 filler is simple to clean, service, and integrate. Our WeighPack conveyor indexing machines for filling plastic bins, trays, and corrugated cases.

Container Filling for cans, clamshells, jars, and trays

Looking for filling solutions for your rigid containers? Our weigh fillers are designed to fill glass, plastic, metal, and cardboard containers with ease. It’s typically used for weigh filling jars, cans, trays, and clamshells with candy, nuts, powders, snacks, chocolates, gel caps, medical cannabis, and so much more.