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Autonomous Parts of a Successful Whole

May 14, 2016
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May 14, 2016 Thiru

Packaging world magazine cover

The Paxiom Group is made up of four independent companies. Three of them make but don’t sell. One sells but doesn’t make. Different? Who cares? It works like a charm.

By Pat Reynolds, editorial advisor

When Louis Taraborelli founded WeighPack Systems in 1991, it’s unlikely he could have predicted that the Montreal-based firm would one day be part of a four-pronged packaging machinery entity with an unusual way of going to market. But that is indeed that WeighPack Systems – along with sister companies CombiScale, Eagle Packaging, and Paxiom – has evolved into.

Each independently operated company brings something different to the table. WeighPack manufactures primary packaging machinery, including filling, bagging, wrapping, and conveying solutions. Miami-based Eagle Packaging, acquired by WeighPack in 2008, is a maker of secondary packaging solutions; case/tray forming, case packing, and robotics. And then there’s CombiScale, launched in 2006, which builds multi-head weighers and combination scales in both Montreal and Shanghai.

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