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The Nuts and Bolts

May 14, 2015
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May 14, 2015 Thiru

NaturaPack bagger system article

West Coast nut processor achieves standout stand-up packaging with fully automatic bagging machinery

By Andrew Joseph, Features Editor

Widely considered to be one of the longest-enduring human dietary staples, nuts, beans and pulse crops have been around for so long—about 5,000 years for pulses, 7,00 years for beans and an astounding 780,000 years for nuts, according to some recent archaeological finds—that modern-day packaging for these types of products may seem like an unnecessary luxury to some.

But for Hamid Gamini, co-owner and general manager of the Richmond, B.C-based NaturaPack Foods Inc., there is nothing wrong with adding a little contemporary packaging pizzazz and convenience to an important, healthy food group that is far too often hidden out of sight and out of mind in the supermarkets’ rather anonymous and easy-to-miss bulk bins in the back of the produce section, while also throwing a bit of welcome consumer educations and awareness into the mix.