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The Waffle Shuffle

September 19, 2019
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September 19, 2019 Thiru

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Supplied from The Paxiom Group, Schep’s Bakery uses a state-of-the-art Swifty Bagger 3600 for their stand-up pouches as well as a PrimoCombi multihead weigher, which were seamlessly integrated into Propack’s Row Distribution System (RDS).

The PrimoCombi multihead weigher’s two main goals are to achieve high accuracy requirements and high production rates.

When the center of the PrimoCombi multihead weigher is filled in bulk with stroopwafels, the feeder pans promptly transport the finished product to the weigh bucket where it is then weighed and measured before it is sent to the Swifty Bagger 3600.

Specifically engineered for dispensing snack foods and baked products, the PrimoCombi multihead weigher has been praised for its accuracy and is guaranteed to deliver stroopwafels to the bags within a set range.

Engineered for medium to high production rates, the Swifty Bagger 3600 offers speeds of up to 35 pre-made bags per minute, which greatly excels production for Schep’s Bakery.

The Swifty Bagger 3600 also includes a comprehensible bag magazine for pouch loading, automatic zipper opening device, and bag shaker at the fill station for product levelling and an integrated exit conveyor.

This system is able to accept pre-made pouches of multiple sizes, of length and width, and several different styles of bags.

The Swifty Bagger 3600 will also accept bags with or without a zipper feature, depending on the request of the customer.

According to Jonathan, the Swifty Bagger 3600 has been an asset to Schep’s Bakery, thanks to its flexible and user-friendly interfaces.

“We are able to do bags with naked product,” Jonathan explains. “But we also have the ability to do bags filled with individually wrapped waffles.”

Noting that the Swifty Bagger 3600 helped Schep’s Bakery to expand its overall product line, Jonathan feels that the machine has not only been a benefit for Schep’s Bakery, but also for their customers.

“It’s a great machine that has all of the capabilities we need,” Jonathan adds.

“People are looking for a quick treat, so why not deliver it to them in a beautiful bag with a re-closable seal that retains the freshness as if it was just baked in your own kitchen?”