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WeighPack Invest in Company Culture

April 11, 2018
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April 11, 2018 Paxiom Blog

PrimoCombi multihead weigher for filling popcorn into containersAs Gen-Xers and Millennials take on leadership roles and replace their Baby Boomer predecessors workplaces will start to look a little different, and more manufacturers will need to reshape how they approach employee morale and culture. In a study titled, “The Skills Gap in U.S. Manufacturing: 2015 and Beyond,” the Manufacturing Institute reported that the industry will need 3.4 million workers within the next decade to replace the two million workers leaving or retiring. “There is no choice but to examine the impact of the skills gap and take a new approach to talent management,” the study reads. However, one of the greatest obstacles facing packaging OEMs today is figuring out how to appeal to the incoming younger generations who haven’t had much exposure to the packaging industry.[av_button label=’Read more’ link=’manually,/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/WeighPack_Invest-in-Company-Culture_OEM-Magazine.pdf’ link_target=’_blank’ size=’small’ position=’center’ icon_select=’yes’ icon_hover=’aviaTBicon_hover’ icon=’ue84e’ font=’entypo-fontello’ color=’theme-color’ custom_bg=’#444444′ custom_font=’#ffffff’ custom_class=” admin_preview_bg=”]