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Bottle Labeling Machine


front and back labeler with stabilizerBottle Labeling Systems

All products on the market have some writing, otherwise known as product labeling. Labels are of paramount importance to businesses and companies as these are their way of branding, decorating, and relaying information to their consumers. In other instances, manufacturers use product labels for shipping addresses, pricing, and inventory control. In essence, a product label’s main role is to provide a means to communicate with customers.

Now, what does a bottle labeling machine do?

A bottle labeling machine works by dispensing, applying, or printing labels on various range of products, bottles, items, and packages. On the other hand, a bottle labeler can also refer to a machine that affixes labels, paper covers, or information on packages, boxes, bottles, and so on. The various parts and components of the machine work together in a coordinated motion to apply markings on items.

Paxiom Group for your bottle labeling machine needs

Paxiom Group is a global packaging machinery company located in Las Vegas,
Nevada, and is known for its diverse line-up of packaging equipment and machines of all
kinds and sizes. We pride ourselves on this collection of fully automated handling
systems that have helped businesses from across the globe to weigh and fill products
into containers, cap, induction-seal, and label bottles and jars with ease. Generally,
labelers are classified into three categories (i.e., vertical wrap, horizontal wrap, and
front/back). That said, labeling machines can also be completely customized and
engineered for a certain application type, inclusive of several labeling stations.

Our Paxiom labeling machines for bottles, containers, and jars are the following:

  • Bottle Wrap Around & Top Cap Labeler

Engineered as a 2-in-1 labeling machine, this equipment can label the top of the cap
while also labeling cylindrical bottles, cans, containers, and jars using a wrap-around
label made with adhesive.

  • Bottle Sleeving

Lastly, we at Paxiom also offer a Bottle Sleeving Machine from the ValTara brand that
automatically overwraps and heats a sleeve around the whole body of your bottle.

  • Bottle Wrap Around Labeling Machine

This wrap-around labeler for adhesive labels functions by automatically labeling cylindrical bottles, cans, containers, and jars.

  • Cap Neck Banding

Unlike the previous bottle labeling machines, our Cap Neck Banding has a unique
function, which is to overwrap and heat a neckband around the cap portion of your
bottle in one automated process.

  • Corner Case Labeler

Our ValTara product line also provides solutions that allow you to apply and wipe
corner adhesive labels to your corrugated cases.

  • Front & Back Container Labeler

This automated machine is designed to label both the front and back of your bottle
and container, even oval bottles, cartons, and flat surfaces.

  • Lay Flat Bag Labeler

Made for semi-automatic operations, this Paxom labeling system from the ValTara
line allows operators to feed the label and apply an adhesive front or back label to pre-
made pouches.

  • Side Case Labeler

With our robust end-of-line solutions, we also accommodate labeling needs
specifically targeted to side labels for corrugated cases.

  • Top Case Labeler

If we have side case labelers, then we also have our state-of-the-art assortment of end-
of-line packaging machines for labeling the top of the cases.

  • Top Carton Labeler

Paxiom boasts its family of automatic labeling machines that are engineered to label
your jars, bottles, cases, containers, and cartons. Designed for ease of use and
mobility, this top carton label provides the highest performance and repeat-ability like
no other.

Features To Consider When Choosing a Bottle Labeling Machine

There is a wide range of labeling machines in the market. The important thing is to
know what attributes you’re looking for in a machine that will suit your labeling
needs. Are you particular with speed? If not, then are you more concerned about the
ability to adjust to various sizes and shapes?

Keep in mind these 3 features:


Some labelers can be configured for several sizes and shapes, allowing you to use a
single machine for several product lines.

Material Compatibility

One thing you must ensure is that your labeler can handle your preferred label
material. Things like rollers, tensioners, and other machine parts will vary depending
on your material type including paper, film, foil, and more.

Application rate

When choosing a labeling machine, you should also consider its rate of application.
How many bottles and containers do you wish to label per minute? Speed can play a
vital role in the efficiency of your packaging projects.

Paxiom is packed with a broad variety of packaging machines that are designed to label your bottles and other container types. Odds are, you can find the exact labeling machine you need from our product line.