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Canada Packaging Machines

Canada Packaging Machines

The Paxiom Group is a global packaging company that manages the sales and service for industry-leading machinery brands like EndFlex, WeighPak, and ValTara. These world-famous packaging manufacturers have huge varieties of primary and secondary packaging machinery equipment and systems that match every production budget and requirement. We have been in the business for over 25 years now and have provided thousands of packaging machines for diverse applications. All of these were made possible due to our trusty and long-lasting relationship with our customers. Currently, we are headquartered in Las Vegas, but we also have a station in Canada. Our Canada packaging machines are similar to what we offer in the United States. For our end-of-line packaging machines, we have container auxiliary handling solutions, featuring semi-automatic bottle labeling machines and integrated systems. Such solutions include container filling, labeling, unscrambling, capping, and induction sealing. For this article, we focus on our labeling machine that’s widely used by many industries, specifically the legal cannabis sector.

Choosing a labeling machine

Although labeling machines are among the last priorities in a liquid filling line, they are still one of the most important. If one of your business goals is to attract your audience with excellent quality labels to feature your original logo, text, and graphics, then a labeler is an integral part of your production line. For the most part, liquid products will require distinctive packaging and labeling designs to set them apart from others on the shelves and appeal to consumers. There are lots of benefits a labeling machine can provide to your packaging lines. For starters, it increases efficiency, considering today’s labeling environment that requires the printing of complex texts and graphics at a quicker rate and with better quality than ever before. With the use of modern labeling, you can easily achieve the demands of any high-speed bulk production project. You can also save money using labeling machines accompanied by cost-effective printing materials. With the right labeler from the right packaging machinery manufacturer and seller, you can prevent frequent machine breakdowns and repairs, which are common on low-quality labeling machines. Many of the modern labelers can work on several types of materials, such as mylar and paper. Automation of production lines is another wonderful advantage of using labeling machines, especially when operated together with automatic liquid fillers, conveying machines, and other packaging equipment that helps regulate the processes at the most productive rate.

Paxiom’s labeler-ValTara Automatic Container Labeling Machine

Our automated labeling machine is designed to apply self-adhesive labels onto your various container types including jars, cans, bottles, and more. We have ensured that this labeler is user-friendly, which is why it’s easy to operate, to changeover, and is compact in design for smooth integration into your current production line. This ValTara container labeler is ideal for various product containers such as candy, oil, snack food, ingredients, cosmetics, liquid, hardware, and so much more. For a robust, reliable, and durable operation, we have fabricated our labeler with a stainless steel frame. It also comes equipped with a photocell that starts and stops to improve accuracy or timing. Anti-vibration and flexible support feet are added for more stable operation. Other key components include reel unwinder, split-belt conveyor, micro-regulations, long dispensing unit, inlet, and outlet conveyor belts.

Types of labeling machines

There are numerous types of labelers that you can use on your specific production needs.
  1. Horizontal wrap labeler

    Horizontal labelers are commonly used for labeling unstable and round containers like vials that have rounded bottoms. They use a horizontal roller in running the items through the wrap station.
  2. Vertical wrap labeler

    These labelers are typically utilized for several bottles such as rectangular or stable square bottles and slightly tapered bottles since they don’t easily topple down during transfers. Vertical wrap labelers offer partial and full labels and are one of the most popular options.
  3. Front and back labeler

    These types of labeling machines function by placing labels on one or two sides. Sometimes, they do so with some modifications like three sides of either round, oval, rectangular, or flat bottles. Front and back labelers work best with bottles that don’t easily trip when being conveyed.
  4. Top and bottom labelers

    These labelers are suitable for flat containers that have to be labeled on the top and bottom. Top and bottom labeling machines apply to cases, bottles, cartons, and other container types.
  5. Top labeler

    This type of labeling machine is ideal for several applications, from edibles to electronics. Top labelers place a spot or panel label on the top of the product as it passes. An example of a suitable container for top labelers is a wide round jar lid.