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Induction Sealing

The ValTara container induction sealing machine offers leak guarding, tamper evidence, preserved freshness, and prolonged shelf-life.

This user-friendly system is compact, power efficient, and operable on both plastic and glass bottles of various shapes and sizes.

Though our induction sealing machine is suitable for food, beverage, cosmetic, chemical, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and many other industry applications.

Cap Diameter Minimum – Cap Diameter Maximium
0.78 in / 20 mm – 3.93 / 100 mm
Cap Height Minimum – Cap Height Maximum
0.39 in / 10 mm – 1.37 in / 35 mm

The induction current heats the foil liner, melting the sealant.

The pressure of the threaded cap on the bottle provides the adequate pressure required.

As the sealing layer cools, it neatly adheres to the bottle.

An induction current is applied to a metal liner inside of a plastic cap.

After the bottle or container is filled with the product, cap is applied.

The cap already has the liner inside, which contains the sealing material adhered to a foil layer.