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Industrial Food Packaging

Paxiom offers a variety of industrial food packaging systems designed for bagging, wrapping or container filling industrial food products such as candy frozen foods, candies, chocolates, confections, baked goods and snack foods. In bagging and wrapping individually frozen foods, we have created solutions to meet our customer’s needs and our food packaging machines operate these solutions.

Here Are a Couple of Our Food Packaging Machines

First is the Swifty Bagger, a pre-made solution that keeps your product looking neat. It is a versatile bagger and is known to work wonders (even in intense climates). This makes it a perfect packaging match for frozen foods.

Second is the vertical form fill and seal bagger, a user-friendly, easy maintenance and top quality machine. We also have wicketed bagging for packaging frozen food in club size bags. When it comes to candy, confections, and chocolates snack foods, our solutions are crafted for the perfect handling of every client’ packaging needs.

We have the automatic vertical form, fill and seal industrial food packaging machine that produces a wide range of package styles such as gusseted pouches, stand-up bags, and more. It is also ideal for packing hard candies and chocolates. The Swifty Bagger automatic pouch machine is best for filling candies. Examples are: chocolates and confections into stand-up zippered pouches. It is very easy to use and offers flexibility.

For filling rigid containers with candies at high speeds, The SpinDexer is the perfect solution. It is great for filling irregularly shaped products. And if you’re looking for an affordable packaging machine, then we have The SleekWrapper. This is also ideal for any candy packaging requirements. We also provide specially designed packaging machines for baked foods. Our WeighPack vertical form, fill and seal solutions are commonly installed in baking factories. This machine will automatically package cookies, granola, pretzels, and much more.

SpinDexer Industrial Food Packaging Video

For a budget-friendly machine, The SleekWrapper with its flow wrapping solution is also highly dependable. Then we have The Breezy Bagger with its pivoting design and self-adjusting feature. This will seal the bag base on the volume and length of the product.

And lastly, if you prefer pre-made pouches and bags, then The Swifty Bagger and wicketed bagging machine are your ideal companions.

Finally, for snack foods, we offer our VerTek and XPdius vertical form fill and seal machines. Both of which are user-friendly, easy to clean, efficient and effective in doing their job. We also have our Swifty Bagger for stand-up bags, and the R2B bagger that will make, fill, seal and print in one shot.