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Iowa Packaging Machinery

Packaging Machine Systems in Iowa

Located in the Midwest of the United States, Iowa is surrounded by multiple states including Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Wisconsin. If you’re in Iowa during August, you can witness one of the country’s biggest and famous state fairs, the Iowa State Fair. Interested in knowing the history and culture of Czech and Slovak people? Then you’re in the right place. The National Czech and Slovak Museum and Library are located in Cedar Rapids, which is also home to many Czech and Slovak Americans. You should also check out Reiman Gardens, a museum that also houses the vast Butterfly Wing where you can see the various kinds of butterflies. The same place also houses Elwood, the world’s largest concrete gnome, so make sure to stop by and say hi while you’re there.

Want to spend your entire afternoon appreciating the beauty of nature? Go to Loess Hills on Iowa’s western edge where there are various plants and animals. There, you can go directly to the Loess Hills National Scenic Byway that links forests, parks, and prairies expanding to Missouri. Or, you can plan your trip by stopping first at Loess Hills Visitors Centers in Moorhead.

ValTara™ Induction Sealer

Importance of Bakery Packaging

Do you have a bakery? Or do you just want to show your goods in a unique, orderly, and efficient way? If yes, then you must have custom packaging boxes. The packaging is essential to make sure that your baked products and pastries are shipped looking and tasting as great as they did when you made them. Moreover, packaging plays an important role in your brand.

Anyone with access to the internet these days is well aware of the way technology is rapidly changing more than ever. The same goes for the packaging industry, as packaging machine manufacturers and engineers continue to work and discover the most convenient, most reliable, fastest, and ecologically-safe processes. With thorough planning, the day that packaging machines become obsolete will most likely not happen. Newer components, technology, and upgrades can be easily added to existing packaging machinery. Also, machines can be often updated.

With changes in technology come changes in the needs of businesses. A local product has the potential to become popular and expand to an international consumer base. As such, this growth typically goes hand-in-hand with the rise in product demand, which in return, leads to more production. Many companies that manufacture local products are using semi-automatic packaging machinery. So, if that’s the case, then how much so for companies that cater to the global consumer base?

Possibly the most evident benefit of the use of packaging machinery is that it eliminates the human factor. The operator simply needs to program the machine (mostly through a color touch screen or computer system) to start packaging without wasting time. Plus, factory workers are only humans, so laziness can strike anytime. On top of that, dissatisfied employees can ruin the packaging process, say, by contaminating the food items they’re in charge of packing.

Overall, it’s safe to say that packaging food products like baked goods with food packaging machines are the best and safest option. Doing so won’t just boost your productivity but also ensure that the quality of your products is not compromised in any way.

Paxiom packaging machinery for bakery industries

At our company, we manufacture a broad selection of food packaging machines that are specifically designed for weigh-filling, wrapping, packing, and container filling your baked products such as muffins, crackers, frozen dough, and many more. We offer the following packaging solutions for your bakery products:

1. Vertical Form Fill and Seal

Our vertical FFS packaging machines for bakery products are engineered to operate automatically and are designed to accommodate all budgets, bag sizes, and space requirements.

2. Stand-up Bags

Designed for businesses who prefer purchasing their preferred pouches or bags, the Swifty Bagger for pre-made pouches is easy to operate for packaging your bakery products. Aside from pre-made stand-up bags, this packaging machine can also operate on other bag styles like flat bottom and gusset, with or without enclosures.

3. Flow Wrapping

At Paxiom Group, we also have our wide range of automatic horizontal wrapping solutions that are engineered to flow wrap your baked goods such as cake, cookies, energy bars, bread, muffins, granola bars, and so on. Depending on your floor space requirement, budget, and production standards, our flow wrappers are available in many models.

4. Wicketed Bagging

For wicket filler machines, we have the Zippy, Bingo, and VS Bagger. All three machines automatically open, fill, and seal your wicket pouches.