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Kansas Packaging Machinery

Kansas Packaging Machines

From being known as the Sunflower State and Wheat State amongst its many nicknames, Kansas is a region of plains and prairie but it’s also not without big city lights. Sure, the state is brimming with outdoor activities, but that’s not to say that the cities aren’t just as worthy of exploring. The Country Club Plaza, for instance, is a vibrant place in Kansas City known for being the premier shopping and dining destination. While the area is technically an outdoor mall, it has also become more of a city all its own from its shopping and eating establishments to the variety of beautiful fountains, murals, tile mosaics, and the evident classic European architecture.

Going to the Botanica Wichita Gardens is also something you must try in Wichita. It’s open year-round and has 30-themed gardens for everyone to enjoy. Haven’t had the experience of seeing tallgrass prairies? Make that happen at Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve in the Kansas Flint Hills as it’s one of the only places left in the country to see tallgrass prairie. Go back in time at Boot Hill In Dodge city where you can know how it feels to be on the Wild West during the 1800s.

Candy chocolate bar flow wrapping packaging machine

Packaging for candy and chocolate

In the confectionery industry, it’s of great importance to have safe and hygienic packaging processes to maintain the integrity of your candy and chocolate products. Many manufacturers today have issues during the packaging process due to the use of conventional sealing methods. But through Paxiom and WeighPack, you can now make use of automatic packaging machines from filling, wrapping, sealing, and case-packing your candy products. Our packaging solutions include the VFFS process for gummies, pre-made bag packaging for soft or hard candies, and filling candies into rigid containers.

Furthermore, these packaging machines will help you with the following functions:

  • improving the hygiene of the wrapping machine as the machine design is engineered to minimize contamination
  • increasing the efficiency and precision of packaging candy and chocolate
  • reducing the time spent in packaging the products using a manual candy/chocolate packaging machine
  • boosting the production output
  • decorating the wrappers and enhancing the aesthetic value for better sales
  • lowering the number of human labor in the production line as most processes are automatic

Vertical Form, Fill and Seal, or VFFS machine

Automatically vertical-form, fill and seal your candy and chocolate products using our vertical packaging machines from the VerTek product line. Manufactured in 4 models, the VerTek machine is easy to use and can produce pouches and bags of various sizes and shapes. It’s engineered with a stainless steel frame and offers a clean design and better accessibility for more convenient maintenance. All VerTek candy packaging machines are capable of operating on metalized, polyethylene, and laminated materials. Compact in design, our vertical filling, and sealing machines are equipped with a swiveling mount to provide an even and accurate vertical back seal.

Pre-made Bagging machine

Stand-up bags are many manufacturers’ go-to packaging styles these days and for good reasons. If you’re one of those stand-up bag enthusiasts, our automatic Swifty Bagger machine is just right for you. It’s an ideal solution for filling confections, chocolates, and candies into stand-up bags with zipper enclosures. The Swifty product line is reliable, easy to operate, and compact, so any operator can get the hang of it in no time. We offer the Swifty Bagger in various models, with each model manufactured to cater to your specific production rates, whether it’s for entry-level, medium to high-speed applications.

Container Filling machine

You can now fill your candy and chocolate products at high rates with our SpinDexer series that works to operate on rigid containers with speeds of up to 100 containers per minute. Equipped with unique traveling funnels, our SpinDexer candy packaging can fill challenging products including bulk or sticky chocolate or candy goods and irregularly-shaped products. This unique filler machine has a stainless steel frame and servo drives. It’s also built with PLC-based controls and a color touchscreen. Through our SpinDexer, you can expect an increase in throughput because of higher efficiency.

Flow Wrapping machine

In this day and time, flow wrapping has become more economical than ever before, making it one of the top packaging solutions used by nearly all industries. Our SleekWrapper line of flow wrappers is made with compact designs and robust structures that work great together to deliver your candy and chocolate packaging needs. These wrappers are servo-driven and provide remarkably quick changeover and adjustment.