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Kentucky Packaging Machinery

Packing and Packaging Machines in Kentucky

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Pre made pouch filling machine for packaging

How packaging impacts the pet food industry

Nowadays, the packaging’s role in informing and educating shoppers about a certain product has become even more prominent. Brads are launching products in innovative packaging that allows the products to be readily displayed on the shelves, consequently, turning prospects into leads with the use of the product as a crucial marketing tool itself. Leading pet food companies are introducing modern, simple yet fun packaging designs that represent their company.

Stand-up pouches, for instance, is one of the widely used packaging styles by many pet food brands as it helps capture the consumer’s eye. This type of packaging helps companies convey the benefits of their products to their pets in a sophisticated way that will capture the attention of the buyers while also protecting the products inside. Reputable pet food manufacturers recognize the need to package their products in shelf-stable bags and pouches to help preserve the nutritional content. Overall, incorporating packaging into your entire branding strategy and presentation helps attract consumers and maximize the convenience of the pouches with features like handles, resealable closures, and tear notches.

Paxiom Group offers packaging machines for pet food items

Marketed under our brand partner, WeighPack, our broad variety of pet food packaging machines are designed for several solutions including wrapping, bagging and container filling pet foods and treats. Commonly used products are strips, sticks, kibbles, extruded treats, and jerky. Since stand-up pouch packaging has reached different heights when it comes to popularity, we have also manufactured our very own stand-up pouch packaging machine. The Swifty Bagger pet food machine can fill and seal your various pet products into a quad or doy-style pouch in one automatic process. All our packaging machines are designed and engineered for your specific pet packaging needs.

Apart from our Stand-up bag solutions, we also have the following machines for pet food packaging:

1. Pet food vertical form fill and seal bagger

The easiest VFFS machine on the market for pet food products, our vertical bagging machines are efficient at producing a wide range of package styles. Available in multiple models, our pet food vertical baggers are all user-friendly and offer cleanability and serviceability. A vertical bagger forms a bag out of roll stock, fill the newly formed bag with your pet food products, then seal it. Despite its capacity to perform three processes in one compact machine, most vertical baggers are easy to use.

2. Pet treat premade pouch filler

For your pet food pre-made bagging solutions, we also have them covered. With our R2B bagger, this packaging machine will fill and steal your stand-up bags in one automatic shot. This pet food packaging machine is designed with ease of cleaning, servicing, and use in mind. It’s also perfect for any pet packaging applications that require entry-level or high-speed rates. Like our Swifty Bagger, the R2B can operate on a flat bottom, gusset, and stand-up pouch, whether they come with a zipper closure or not.

3. Pet food flow wrapper

Flow wrapping is made lighter on the pocket with our SleekWrapper family of flow wrapping machines. Compact in size and robust in construction, our flow wrappers for pet food applications ensures precise positioning combined with impressive cleanability and serviceability.

4. Pet food large bag packaging machine

Do you sell bulk pet food? If so, then you may want to consider our VerTek 2400 vertical form fill and seal bagging machine. Coming from the VFFS series of vertical machines, this pneumatically-driven pet food bagger is equipped with a tool-less bag forming tube, color touchscreen, and up-to-date PLC controls.