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Maryland Packaging Machinery

Packing Machinery in Maryland

For a small state, Maryland sure doesn’t seem like one with its diverse activities and colorful character that will more than satisfy any visitor. With its spectacular Mid-Atlantic coastline and mountains, there’s no question why many people are attracted to this state. Fun fact: Maryland is the birthplace of the country’s national anthem and was once the capital of the United States? Cool, isn’t it? And speaking of cool, check out the National Aquarium at the Chesapeake Bay, which is home to 750 species. This museum-slash-aquarium also has land animals in addition to marine life. Commune with nature at Swallow Falls State Park, a few miles north of Oakland. The state park also has a 53-foot waterfall called Muddy Creek Falls, the tallest among in Maryland.

For history and architecture lovers, the House of Yoder is a must-visit attraction. The beautiful house was modeled after Swiss homes during the early 18th century. Join the tour and see the house’s highlights like its massive fireplace, smokehouse, and root cellar. In the middle of Baltimore is an oasis of greenery called Cylburn Arboretum. This 207-acre property is open for your dogs granted they’re on a leash. There, you can explore 20 different gardens featuring various flowers. They also have several tree gardens.

Auger into pre made pouch filling packaging machine Why powder packaging machines are important

Powder packaging machines like those designed for spices provide a good image for the products while also offering a bigger target market since new packaging can draw more customers, resulting in more sales. The small packaging you see on the shelves is completed by powder packaging machines. Manufacturers set the weight of packaging as per their needs. But apart from this, there are so many other functions that make a good packaging machine. For instance, it’s essential for packaging companies to always improve the technology of their machines, venture outside the scope of the application field, and achieve greater heights.

Powder Packaging Solutions

We offer multiple powder packaging machines that are specifically built to package and fill your powder products into different container types and sizes. Our powder packaging solutions can operate all your free-flowing and non-free-flowing powders and such solutions are:

Vertical Form Fill and Seal

Our Star Auger is designed to work on your powder and granule products. It’s a compact machine that uses roll stock film to produce a variety of bag sizes and styles. Since it’s a vertical packaging machine, you can also pair it with our other type of vertical machine, the XPdius bagger.

Pouch Filling with Scoop Insert

For unique powder solutions that require a scoop insert, we also got you covered. The Swifty Bagger can automatically fill and seal your pre-made pouches with powders or granules.

Container Filling

Our wide selection of container fillers can handle your cartons, jugs, trays, cans, tubs, and more. These packaging machines for powder are made with user-friendliness and fast changeover in mind.

Sachet Filling

You can now help cut material costs by using a powder packaging machine that produces its own stand-up bags. Our powerful R2B horizontal bagger is capable of creating, filling, and printing. Moreover, they’re simple to use and easy to clean. Aside from reducing material cost, using an R2B bagger also lowers your labor expense.

Turnkey Packing

Looking for a complete powder packaging system? Look no further than our Paxiom Turnkey Packing System that’s engineered to fill and seal stand-up pouches, erect, load, and seal cases, then finally, palletize for retail-display containers. This fully automated packaging system maximizes overall productivity while lowering your labor cost.

Understanding the different properties of Powder Products

The impressive growth of the food industry in both developed and developing countries made the demand for an effective way of powder packaging even stronger than ever. The thing is, the effectiveness of a packaging line doesn’t just depend solely on the powder filling machine used, but also how knowledgeable manufacturers are when it comes to their powder products. And so, let us first take a look at the two main properties of a powder that you must consider when choosing a powder packaging machine:

Flow characteristics

Free-flowing products are when the particles of the powder aren’t cohesive like table salt and granulated sugar. On the flip side, non-free-flowing powders are when the particles are cohesive such as brown sugar and powdered milk.

Bulk density

Bulk density refers to a powder’s flowability, meaning how compact it will be when applied with pressure. Free-flowing, dry powders for example will typically not compress much and will have low bulk densities. Meanwhile, for non-free-flowing powders, the bulk densities will be high since they are more compressed.