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Packaging Machine Systems in Massachusetts

The state of Massachusetts is loaded with things to see and do that there’s virtually something for everyone. As one of the original 13 colonies, Massachusetts is extremely rich in history, something that history buffs will surely take a liking to. Notwithstanding its history, the state is now home to many wonderful cities and one of these is Boston, the trendy and modern hub for art, shopping, and gastronomy. But outside Boston, there are also plenty of great places such as the Cape Cod in Wellfleet, a long and curving peninsula that’s composed of long white-sand beaches, which are hailed as some of the most beautiful places in Massachusetts.

Visit the world-renowned Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art at North Adams then stay across at the Victoria lodging, Porches Inn where you can feel rejuvenated with its welcoming atmosphere and quirky charms. Want to step back in the world of Pilgrims back in the 1600s? go to Plimoth Plantation at Plymouth where you can see the recreation of living in early colonial America. While you’re there, make sure to stop by the Mayflower II so you can hear about the historic voyage.

Cheese and its packaging

Cheeses normally require some space to breathe, otherwise, the natural culture of mold will die, leaving a bad taste. Depending on the origin of the cream or milk, cheese can be categorized as deriving from goat milk, cow milk, buffalo milk, and sheep milk. Used to be an indispensable food from ancient times, cheese is heavily characterized by the place when it comes to appearance, flavor, and characteristics.

When it comes to packaging, it’s closely linked to the type of cheese and how it should be consumed. Some of the main categories of cheese are as follows:

1. Cheese sold in slabs
2. Wheels or half-wheel cheese
3. Sliced cheese
4. Grated and diced cheese
5. Cheese squares
6. Soft and creamy cheese
7. Mozzarella

Cheese can be packaged in several ways, depending on the country of origin and how it’s eaten. Different types of cheese have distinct types of packaging. The common ones are:

  • flexible flow wrap packages using VFFS machines or horizontal flow wrappers
  • Modified Atmosphere Packaging, or MAP system
  • thermo-formed trays using thermo-former machines
  • vacuum packaging
  • various types of re-closable packages

Any quality cheese packaging machine should be able to guarantee hygiene, product preservation, accurate prints, and safe transport.

ValTara™ Capping Machine

Reputable manufacturer of cheese packaging

The Paxiom Group is a well-respected name in the entire packaging industry due to its many years of experience coupled with top-tier quality products and its partnership with leading packaging brands like WeighPack, ValTara, and EndFlex. We provide a large variety of cheese packaging machinery for bagging, wrapping, and filling your cheese products, whether they’re grated, sliced, shaved, shredded, or whole wedges. Our solutions are designed to work on all your cheese packaging needs and these are:

1.Container filling

Compact in design, our container filler SpinDexer works to automatically package your cheese into rigid containers. It’s capable of filling up to 80 containers in just one minute. The SpinDexer is a perfect solution for your crumbled blue cheese, shaved parmesan, or mozzarella balls.

2.Horizontal form fill and seal

Looking for a way to cut back on your material costs? Our R2B horizontal bagger can help you with that. Capable of producing stand-up bags, this cheese packaging machine offers three functions: forming, filling, and sealing. It’s a great solution for packaging your cheese products into pillow-style or stand-up bags using Modified Atmosphere Packaging and peg hole.

3.Vertical form fill and seal

Perfect for cheese curds, our vertical former packaging machinery is designed to handle single service, retail, and foodservice needs. This series of vertical baggers can provide flexible packaging for your cheese products using laminated or polyethylene film materials. Our vertical form fill and seal machines are very versatile as they can fill bags as small as 2 inches or as wide as 24 inches. They can also work with 20lb food service standards. Other cheese products typically used for our vertical machines are blue cheese, parmesan, cheddar, and mozzarella.

4.Wicketed bagging

Want to upgrade your cheese packaging uniquely? Try our VS Bagger for wicket pouches. This cheese packaging machine is designed specifically for packages that need a twist tie, band, or tape to create a homemade vibe. Made with versatility in mind, our wicket packaging machinery are all automated in the opening, filling, and transferring the newly packaged bag to a secondary sealer or person for the final closure. Available in only one model, our VS Bagger is suitable for your shredded cheddar or mozzarella.