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Michigan Packaging Machinery

Packing and Packaging Systems for Michigan Companies

Named after an indigenous word that translates as large water, true to its name, Michigan is surrounded by freshwater. In fact, the state has 11,000 inland lakes on the mainland region and Upper Peninsula. On top of that, Michigan is home to the longest freshwater coastline in the country. One of the famous destinations in this state is Mackinac Island, a place that lives in a historic period where there’s no car and bus. You can take a ferry to the island and wander around the old tow using a horse-drawn carriage. Detroit Zoo is another great place to have fun with over 2,000 animals that represent more than 240 species housed within original ecosystems-inspired habitats.

Located in Grand Rapids are the Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park that functions as a botanical garden and sculpture park facility. It offers several indoor and outdoor gardens and sculpture galleries. During summer, concerts are commonly held in the area’s amphitheater. Just outside Detroit is the Greenfield Village where the streets are lined with trees and various buildings. It gives you a vibe of 19th-century living. The historic village is home to the Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation as well as the Ford Rouge Factory.

Multi head weigh filling machine

Frozen Food Packaging

As a global leader in the packaging world, we at Paxiom offer a great selection of packaging machines designed for wrapping and bagging quick frozen foods into individual packages. Commonly used applications include frozen chicken nuggets, peas, fruits, and burritos. Our solutions for frozen food packaging are the following:

Stand-up pouch filling

Are you on a lookout for premade pouch solutions that will make your product look good? Our Swifty Bagger for stand-up pouches is made with ease of use and versatility in mind. It works great even in extreme climates, making it a perfect packaging machine for your frozen foods.

Wicketed bagging

Offers simple operation, our wicketed baggers for premade pouches provide frozen food packaging solutions for club size bags. These packaging machines can open, fill, and seal your pillow bags and stand-up pouches with zipper closures or carry handles. You can also integrate it with any horizontal sealing machine or a twist tie machine.

Vertical form fill and seal

Equipped with various features that are suited for your frozen food packaging needs, our vertical former and sealer packaging machines from WeighPack are extremely easy to operate. They’re all automatic, making them as efficient just as they are effective.

Flow wrapping

Engineered to produce flexible packaging, our versatile flow wrapper from the SleekWrapper line works to provide a top or bottom vertical seal. It makes use of the horizontal packaging process where products are wrapped in either clear or printed film.

What makes a good frozen food packaging system?

The frozen food industry provides easy and healthy options to consumers who want quick meals to make their busy day more convenient. When manufacturing packages for this field, it’s important to consider the consumers and how the package will affect their daily lives. Flexible packaging should provide consumers user-friendly features. Truth is, there are some key factors people should consider when looking for frozen food packaging. It all boils down to two attributes which are convenience and sustainability.

  • Convenience

The main package format for frozen foods is bags and pouches. That’s because they’re eco-friendly and provide added convenience like being lightweight, resealable, and unbreakable. They’re also easy to use, carry, and store. Frozen food pouches and bags should allow consumers to easily open and close the package without compromising the freshness of the products. Also, it’s essential to ensure that the product is simple to prepare. For instance, many frozen veggies can be cooked right in the bag inside the microwave. As a result, it makes mealtime easier and quicker without having to bring out the content and cook it.

  • Sustainability

Consumers these days have recognized the importance of sustainability in their products. As such, they are now looking into how the product is manufactured and how its packaging will help reduce waste. To cater to these new standards, many bags and pouches provide a reseal technology so consumers can conveniently pick a single serving of their favorite protein, veggie, or snack then reseal the package for later consumption. Furthermore, this ensures that the content inside won’t be subjected to freezer burn, which in turn, reduces the amount of product waste. Aside from protecting the products from freezer burn, the material of the bag itself can also help in reducing waste. Flexible packaging, for instance, uses lesser resources to make bags than other packaging formats.