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Minnesota Packaging Machinery

Packing and Packaging Machines in Minnesota

Known as the “Land of 10,000 Lakes”, Minnesota is packed with lakeside resorts and a generous wilderness that’s waiting to be explored. Aside from its natural beauty, Minnesota is also rich in culture. To kick off your tour, start with North Shore Scenic Drive, a 142-mile wilderness that will take you from Duluth to Grand Portage. What’s even more amazing is that its borders are the great Lake Superior and the Sawtooth Mountains on each side, coupled with splendid cliffs, beaches, and vast land of forest. Many outdoor activities are also offered along the route such as RV camping, rock climbing, golfing, canoeing, and so much more.

And while you’re there, make a stop at Grand Marais, just a hundred miles northeast of Duluth. This small town has a remarkable art scene starting with its Sivertson Art Gallery, where the artworks are influenced by the lake. You can also take classes for basket-weaving and many more at North House Folk School. Interested in pilgrimage sites? Check out the St. Paul Cathedral, which is now known as the National Shrine of the Apostle Paul. It’s classical renaissance design and imposing structure is open to tourists for most times of the day, except during Masses and other holy services.

vertical form fill and seal machine for coffee packaging

Paxiom is your go-to provider of Coffee Packaging Solutions

At Paxiom, we offer a large selection of packaging machinery for ground coffee and whole beans. Our packaging solutions include the use of pre-made pouch fillers, vertical form fill and seal baggers, and container fillers. All our coffee packaging machinery is specifically designed to meet your packaging requirements and budgets.


Made to fill productions into containers, our SpinDexer Indexing Conveyor can fill coffee grinds at high speeds. It’s compact and was built with the operator in mind to provide simple and most user-friendly operation. This coffee filler comes equipped with sensors on critical areas of the machine.

2.VerTek form fill and seal

Applicable on both whole beans and ground coffee, our VerTek series of coffee packaging machinery can produce pillow bags. They’re equipped with user-friendly features and are constructed with stainless steel frames. These baggers are also easy to access since all parts are placed in front.

3.Swifty Bagger

Runs on various bag types such as doy, quad, and pillow pouches, our Swifty Bagger for premade pouches is capable of filling your whole beans or ground coffee and sealing them into your desired bag format. It comes with versatile and convenient features to simplify your coffee packaging process.

Why packaging is vital for coffee products

Without a doubt, coffee is one of the most loved beverages in the world. And because of this, roasters all over the world have to meet the ever-increasing demand for premium quality coffee to consumers. At its most basic level, the packaging is what protects and holds your coffee products. Today, packaging is an essential part of a coffee brand’s marketing plan and overall business success. Let’s take a look at the factors you should consider when looking for the right coffee packaging:

Type of coffee packaging bags

There are several types of coffee packaging formats. First is the flat bottom bag, which is one of the most popular, partly because of its distinct shelf presence and its ability to stand on its own for maximum impact. Pillow bags are another type and are most known for being economical and simple. This format is commonly used for fractional, single-serve coffee products. There’s also what we call a quad seal bag. This coffee packaging features crisp side seals and can also stand unassisted. It can easily catch the consumer’s attention with its modular look. And lastly are doy packs, which have oval-shaped bottoms and flat tops. Also called as stand-up pouches, they give off a premium, small-amount feels. Doy packs are often fitted with zippers.

Coffee packaging process

Packaging coffee products can be done in two ways: hand-filling or automating. For hand-fill applications, consider using bag styles that have a wide top enough to accommodate the scoop or filling tool. As such, doy packs may not be the best type since it only has two corners at its opening, making it harder to fit in the filling tool. In comparison, quad seals or flat bottom bags may be more suited since their top openings have more room for the filling tool.

On the flip side, if you want to automate your coffee packaging process, or are already using an automated machine, then your bag options are nearly infinite. Many coffee packaging types of machinery today are engineered to operate on multiple bag sizes and styles. Likewise, filling weights won’t be as challenging as before since automated fillers can offer high-level performance and accuracy.