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Mississippi Packaging Machinery

Machine Packaging Systems in Mississippi

Popular for its intriguing Civil, Mississippi has a prominent culture that draws in visitors from various places around the globe. The state is also home to exotic animals and some of the famous musicians and writers. With its diverse range of attractions and activities, there’s not much you cannot experience at Mississippi. Ship Island is set amongst the waters of the Gulf of Mexico that holds a remarkable historical significance to the country. You can enjoy a day-tour via ferry to explore the beaches and places. Located in Claiborne County is the Windsor Ruins that are easily noted due to its Greek-style columns. The site gives you that ancient vibe, especially with live oaks surrounding it.

If there’s one thing Mississippi is known for, it’s their connection to blues music. The Rock and Blues Museum aims to detail the lives of blue superstars while also preserving blues music history. Ocean Springs is a town about two miles east of Biloxi. It’s a great place for craftspeople and artists with its multiple art studios and shops. Lastly, for nature lovers, head over to Mississippi Petrified Forest at Flora. There, you can see the once-massive forest that became stone with time.

EndFlex Use the BoxxPak to Load Pouches into Cases

Packaging considerations for meal kit businesses

Bringing fresh ingredients to the end consumers will require intricate supply chain logistics. There are certain foods like meat and fresh veggies that are highly prone to spoilage, so they must be packaged well to preserve freshness and lower the chances of cross-contamination. Other ingredients like sauce and spice blends may also need separate packaging to prevent product leakage during transport. All these items have to be meticulously weighed and packaged in accurate amounts to make sure that the meal can be complete and served in a consumer’s home without compromising the taste, quality, and nutrition value.

How meal kit manufacturers deal with packaging

Most meal kit companies package their products by hand using manual labor or outsourcing contract packagers. But for companies who have a higher volume of products, hand packing easily turns inefficient and outsourcing becomes costly too. As such, meal kit companies are now warming up to the idea of using packaging automation to lower their expenses, gain control over their supply chain, and streamline the packaging process for higher efficiency and profits. Some of the most common packaging automation solutions for meal kits and ingredients include:

Meat and fresh-cut produce

Vertical form fill and seal packaging machines, or VFFS machines, in short, helps provide maximum packaging speed and precision while also delivering optimum access to machine parts for better sanitation and cleaning.

Dry ingredients

Dry ingredients such as rice are best packaged using VFFS machines since these types of packaging machinery can operate easier and quicker with little customization.

Spices and sauces

Stick and sachet packaging machines are designed to form, fill, and seal small packets of ingredients with speed and accuracy, which works well for spices and sauces.

Our packaging solutions for Meal Kits and Ingredients

For most manufacturers, they must have the means to package a huge variety of products in various quantities and package types and sizes. Through Paxiom, you can make that happen from using our automated packaging solutions.

Ingredient bagging

Our vertical form, film, and seal technology reduce your material cost by packaging a wide variety of meal kits and ingredients. It’s designed with a compact footprint and is extremely versatile as it can be easily interfaced with Paxiom’s 5 filling machines namely: PrimoCombi for multihead weighing, PrimoLinear for net weighing, Star Auger for powder and granular filling, liquid filler for sauces and condiments, and incline smart conveyor for handloading certain products.

Flow wrapping

  • Sleek 40, 45, and 64 are a series of flow wrappers that are ideal for wrapping solid products including meal kits, snacks, and more.
  • Sleek Inverted is designed to work on difficult to package products because of their various shapes and sizes. This unique packaging machine is often used for veggies like green onions and carrots and meal kits with drink boxes.
  • Breezy Bagger is known for its great flexibility and a unique function that allows the operator to use it as a horizontal and vertical packaging machine. It’s perfect for packages that need laminated packaging like meal kits.

Container filling

Fill tins, tubs, jars, and cups with your meal kit products and ingredients using our container filler machines. We offer them in several technologies such as rotary indexing conveying and straight-line conveying. Aside from solids, our container filling machines can run on liquids and powders.