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Missouri Packaging Machinery

Packaging Machines and Systems in Missouri

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Retail packaging vertical bagging

Why flexible packaging is important for snack foods

Modern consumers are now leaning towards packaging that will keep their baked and snack products fresh and tasty and provide easy-to-consume, single-serve portions to match with their busy lifestyles. As such, packaging designers and manufacturers are on a constant lookout on flexible packaging options.

Flexible packaging is highly sought-after and widely used as it accounts for nearly 40% of packages globally. In terms of flexible packaging, the largest industry that benefits the most to it is the food industry which includes snack foods. This aligns with the consumers’ growing awareness of the various health benefits of eating snacks like dried fruits, protein bars, nuts, and more. In most scenarios, snack food packaging designs are more on smaller pouches. As such, even the food industry, in general, is now gearing up to shift to flexible packaging due to its convenience, easy-to-open features, and small sizes.

Essential features of a good snack packaging system

Portion control

Many prefer single-portion snack foods over the conventional, sit-down meals since the former is more convenient and easier to get the nutrition they need. Small-portioned snack foods are also quick, convenient, and don’t need formulation. As a result, small pack sizes and single-serve options have become the standard due to this health and wellness trend as well as the growing number of smaller households. Moreover, tons of brands are targeting the excitement of younger consumers using in-pack product samples or limited edition packs.


A resealable closure makes the snack on-the-go. With its benefit of keeping the products fresh for longer periods, it’s no wonder why zippered, stand-up bags and pouches are very popular. A resealable bag also helps reduce food waste due to its ability to extend the shelf-life of the food. Consequently, this promotes better portion control without having to worry about the food getting spoiled. Also, resealable packaging aids with the single-serve trend.

Choose Paxiom for your Snack Food Packaging needs

As a globally famous brand in the packaging world, we at Paxiom don’t hold back at manufacturing our own set of packaging machines designed especially for your snack foods, be it for wrapping, bagging, or container filling. Commonly used on snack foods like nuts, popcorn, chips, and beef jerky, our snack food packaging machinery is made to handle all your specific packaging needs. These snack food machines include:

XPdius and VerTek for Vertical form fill and seal solutions

Our product line of vertical baggers is designed for simple and efficient operation. They’re best used for high-speed snack packaging applications.

Swifty Bagger for stand-up pouch solutions

Our premade pouch baggers are ideal for packaging your snack products into various bag formats like flat bottom, gusset, and doy, with or without zipper closures.

R2B for high-speed stand-up pouch solutions

Built to reduce material cost by creating its own pouches in the stand-up format, the R2B is designed to create, fill, seal, and also print your bag in one automatic shot. It doesn’t just help reduce film costs but also lowers your labor expenses.

SpinDexer for container filling solutions

Engineered with unique traveling funnels, this particular snack packaging machine can fill challenging products, whether they’re bulky or sticky or irregularly-shaped. Our SpinDexer can also fill your snack foods into rigid containers at high rates.