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Modified Atmosphere Packaging

Before we proceed to Paxiom’s very own modified atmosphere packaging, it is necessary to at least know the basic facts surrounding this type of packaging process. Modified atmosphere packaging is the perfect mixture of pure oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen within a high barrier or penetrable package. In order to achieve the required respiration needs for each packaged food product, it is of paramount importance to have the right gas blend.

Here is An Example

In packaging cheese products, we are using WeighPack’s R2B horizontal, form and fill bagging machine. This particular machine is built to make make, fill, seal, and print in one automatic process. It is used for applications using stand-up or pillow zippered pouches with modified atmosphere and peg hole. Modified atmosphere because the products like cheese need to be respired in order to preserve its freshness.

Built For Dependability and Consistency

The R2B bagging machine is engineered with servo-driven technology and plays a large role in successfully producing a variety of bag styles. These include standup pouches, 3 side seal pouches and 4 sided seal pouches with zipper closures. It makes use of a laminated roll stick film in creating a wide range of pouch styles. Because of its capability to make bags on its own, the need for pre-made bags are no longer in the equation. Hence, this results in a significant decrease in material cost.

In addition, the R2B can save up to 30% by producing a finished product as opposed to purchasing pre-made pouches. It is designed for simple usage, easy cleaning, and service-ability. The R2B can be in different configurations depending on the options, which include gas flush, hole punch, and middle capping device. Also: shaped bag molding device, stand-up pouch former, tare notch, vacuum station and zipper application device.

It also used for packaging snack foods including packaging chips, popcorn, beef jerky, trail mix, nuts, and much more.