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Montreal Packaging Machinery

Montreal is a bilingual city in Quebec with over half of the population speaking both French and English. One of the city’s most popular outdoor activities is cycling. When you go to Montreal, you won’t need to worry about transportation since taxi, and ride-sharing programs are accessible nearly everywhere. For those who have adventurous souls, you’d probably like to try their river surfing on the Saint Lawrence River. They also have kayaking activities on the Lachine rapids if paddling is your kind of fun. The present-day Montreal still has the same architecture and cobbled streets that the city used to have back in 1642. So, if you visit Montreal, don’t be surprised if it feels like you’ve stepped back in time. The European vibes will likely come to you often as you roam around the sophisticated city. The locals are known for being food lovers. You can enjoy the unique tastes and flavors of their signature dishes such as viande fumée, Montreal bagels, and poutine.

Pivoting bag wrapping machinePackaging machinery in Montreal

As an industry leader in the packaging sector, Paxiom has long since mastered packaging technology and solutions, whether these are primary or secondary packaging solutions.

Horizontal Flow Wrapping Machines

We have a variety of horizontal wrappers, and two of them are the SleekWrapper Inverted and Breezy Bagger, both unique in their way. What makes the Sleek Inverted quite different among its sister models is its purpose. Although it functions as a conventional flow wrapper like the rest, it is specifically intended to run on certain kinds of products.

This particular packaging machine is made for products that aren’t ideal to be pushed by the lug chain design due to their properties or type.

Examples of these products are any soft or sticky items like cheese blocks, meal kits, and just any product that’s hard to convey wt the lug chain. Designed for select products, this high-performance flow wrapper can finish up to 100 packages in one minute using its five servo motors.

In this case, the film is loaded from below the product. From the former, the hard-to-handle product is then carefully carried on top of the packaging film to the cutting head.

The Sleek Inverted allows for easy change-overs due to its belted infeed and adjustable former. Like the rest of our packaging machines, it comes standard with servo drives and stainless steel frame.

Lastly, we have the Breezy Bagger. This time, it is specially made to combine horizontal wrapping and vertical bagging in one compact, versatile machine. Its pivoting feature made it possible for the Breezy Bagger to used in several applications. By simply turning the wheel, you can shift from a horizontal to a vertical position.

On top of that, it can also operate on both delicate and inconsistent product types and package them into laminated pouches.

The Breezy Bagger packaging machine also has a color touch screen, as well as servo drives to provide fast and precise adjustment. Depending on you, this machine can be operated automatically or through a foot pedal. It also comes with an auto length detector helps eliminate material waste by sealing the package according to the product length.

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