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Nebraska Packaging Machinery

Packaging and Bagging Machines in Nebraska

Nebraska-the place where Midwest meets West, as in literally. Known for its prairies, dunes, lovely event venues, and unique rock formations, this state is also home to warm-heart locals and interesting natural attractions. Aside from the state capital Lincoln, another popular city in Nebraska is Omaha, wherein you can find the Old Market, a great spot to dine, shop, or just see what the city would look like in its early days. Want to bird-watch? Go to the Platte River near Kearney to see 500,000 sandhill cranes feeding and resting. When you go there at sunset, it’s normal for the horizon to go dark as the gray birds return to the sandbars.

Fort Robinson State Park is another attraction you should visit as it lets you experience both nature and history. With its pine-topped bluffs and horseback tours to the hills, this state will leave an impression on you. If you want to surround yourself with a vibrant atmosphere and great restaurants, go to Haymarket District in Lincoln. It’s a fun place whatever time of the year. You can explore their brick streets, stop in for some snacks at some cafes while taking a glimpse of the eclectic shops in the area.

Use the BoxxPak system to load pouches into cases

Nitrogen flushing to preserve your food products

Many people today consume so much processed foods, whether they do it consciously or unconsciously. Processed foods are far more convenient since they’re easier to store and transport. That said, they also require lots of protection starting from the processing plant to the grocery shelves, and finally, to your kitchen. Dry foods, for instance, are commonly packaged in boxes and bags. The key to preserving these foods for long periods is to eliminate oxygen from the containers since oxygen leads to food deterioration. This means there will be food discoloration, the fats will go rancid, and the product becomes spoiled, thus, causing them to be thrown away. Fortunately, with the advancement of technology, the packaging industry has found a way to provide long-term preservation, and that is to use nitrogen flushing.

What is Nitrogen Flushing?

Notice how a bag of chips bang around when you shake it? This indicates that there’s air in the bag. However, the ‘air’ you think it is isn’t oxygen, rather it is nitrogen gas. Filing chips and snack bags with nitrogen gas aren’t just to make them look bigger. The packages are designed that way to protect the foods inside from physical damage and oxygen exposure. By having nitrogen inside the bag, it replaces the oxygen while also protecting the contents. Nitrogen gas is safe, so don’t fret. In fact, 70% of the air we breathe every day is composed of nitrogen.

How it works

The process starts with the food being loaded into a bag or pouch. Next, through the use of special packaging machines, the regular oxygen-rich air will be forced out of the bags and right away replace it with nitrogen gas. And before the nitrogen can escape, the machine proceeds to seal it tightly. As long as the package stays close, you can protect your products from deteriorating. Unlike oxygen, nitrogen doesn’t cause adverse reactions to foods so the flavor or texture remains unchanged, keeping the product stay fresher longer.

Introducing Paxiom’s gas flushing packaging machinery

As a respected brand in the packaging world, we at Paxiom have manufactured our product line of packaging machinery that offers nitrogen gas flushing. These machines are:

XPdius Packaging Machine

Part of our vertical form fill and seal solutions, our XPdius Elite is capable of forming and sealing 100 bags per minute. It’s driven by servo motors and features tool-less components to save time. Comes equipped with heavy-duty stainless steel construction, this nitrogen flushing machine offers reliable and long-term operation. Aside from the gas flushing option, it also has bag squeezers and a hole punch.

R2B Horizontal Bagger

This horizontal form and seal packaging machine are built with smart engineering and convenient linear design. It comes with a gas flushing option, a vacuum station, a doy pack former, and many more options.

Bingo Bagger

This automated bagging machine works on various bag materials, whether they come with a resealable zipper or a carry handle. It’s also perfect for packaging bulk goods since it can run 20lbs of product. In addition to its gas flushing feature, our Bingo Bagger is capable of automatically adjusting the bag width and sense if there’s no bag so the filling can stop for the meantime.