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New Hampshire Packaging Machinery

Packaging Systems for New Hampshire Businesses

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EndFlex EZGlue™ for Retail Cartons

Understanding wicketed bags

Wicketed bags are plastic bags that are stacked together and organized neatly on a wide wicket. These bags are held in place using rubber washers or a chipboard header, depending on the machine. Wicketed bags can be made in various styles and configurations, such as with a bottom gusset, perforations, color tint, and full or butterfly vents. Additionally, they can be manufactured with resealable or permanent tape for easy closing. A wicket can typically stack 100 to 250 bags. This batch of bags can also be customized per size and thickness of the bag.

The use of wicketed bags can boost the packaging process, even more so, if you have a fully or even just a semi-automatic packaging machine to boost the speed. Mounted bags help operators have quick turnaround time between jobs. Wicketed bags can be created using high-speed machinery or manually manufactured on a slower-running machine.

Common wicketed bag applications

One of the top perks of wicketed bags is that it’s commonly used by both food and non-food industries. For starters, the bags can be created in various sizes. Also, most food production lines today are integrated with automatic packaging machinery. Many industrial applications also include workstations designed to hold the wicket of bags to make it easier for the operator to remove the bag from the wicket once the product is loaded inside.

Sealing wicketed bags

Wicketed bags are extremely easy to close. As we’ve mentioned before, the tape can be used to seal these bags. Another option can be zipper closures. Then there’s also the more old-school sealing options which are the use of heat and zip ties. Suffice it to say, there are multiple options available, business owners just need to know what kind of sealing their products need the most.

Paxiom for your Wicketed Bagging Solutions

As the single-source provider of high-quality automated packaging machinery, Paxiom offers wicketed bagging solutions to cater to your specific packaging requirements. We have 2 models of packaging machinery for wicketed bags: Bingo Bagger and VS Bagger.

The Bingo Bagger is an automatic bagger that’s made with a robust stainless steel frame and a compact footprint, which makes it a space-saving machine that’s suitable for facilities with limited space. But this bagger is not to be underestimated as it’s also capable of meeting your bulk, food service, and multipacks packaging needs. Designed to also work on pre-made wicketed bags, the Bingo Bagger opens and seals, with the filling left for either hand-filling or through the use of a filling machine. Equipped with a convenient bag loading mechanism, a metal wicket is used to hold your wicketed bags together.

Another wicketed bagger is our VS machine that can run a manual loading or automatic loading. It’s very easy to use and comes with a sensor logic that detects if the product is inside in the bag already before it gets moved to the next station. The wicket pins of this machine are all made adjustable to allow a simple and quick changeover. Like the previous wicket bagger, the VS also has a compact design so it can easily be included in any production area. Another good feature is its casters, making the VS Bagger operable in several locations.