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New Jersey Packaging Machinery

Packaging Machinery Company in New Jersey

As one of the smallest states in the country, this has never stopped New Jersey from having multiple first-rate tourist attractions. With its beautiful beaches, delicious food, and diverse culture, locals have more than enough to be proud of in this charming state. The Cape May Historic District boasts classic Victorian architecture and beautiful beach views. This historic street is home to the iconic Cape May Point Lighthouse and the popular Emlen Physick Estate. Trolley tours and boat rides are two of the most popular activities in this district. The illustrious town of Princeton, albeit small, is globally known due to its university and research institutes. There, you can find the historic site, Princeton Battlefield State Park occupying 200 acres of land.

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Horizontal flow wrapping machine for packaging and manufacturing

Benefits of using flexible packaging

Flexible packaging has greatly influenced the entire packaging industry as more and more companies are recognizing the perks of this innovative solution. Flexing packaging offers many benefits, thus, it’s no surprise how it continues to grow in the packaging world. To know more about its benefits, continue reading below.


When it comes to production, flexible packaging can reduce waste and energy by providing a more efficient system. That’s because this kind of packaging utilizes much lesser materials than rigid containers, while also requiring minimal energy when formed into packaging material. Lastly, the manufacturing process of flexible packages produces less harmful gas emissions, making it an eco-friendly solution.


Aside from its production benefits, flexible packaging also encourages recycling. For starters, the materials used are often recyclable, thanks to the presence of seal top and zipper closures. As a result, consumers can make use of these packages for whatever things they want to store. In most cases, flexible packaging is also completely recyclable, which means they can be placed back into the system to create new materials instead of adding to the endless stacks of used bags in landfills.

Consumer convenience

Flexible packaging is convenient for both your business and consumers. It’s easy to handle when shopping and requires less storage space in the pantry or kitchen cupboards. This kind of packaging is also lightweight, so consumers don’t need to exert more effort with carrying them and encourages them to stock up on their favorite products. Put simply, consumers like the way flexible packaging enhances their shopping experience.

Shipping and handling

Every business wants to lower their shipping expense, especially the huge ones. With flexible packaging, you can have more lightweight storage and shopping, allowing you to reduce your distribution spending. Moreover, as opposed to rigid containers, flexible packaging materials are much lighter in weight, which puts a huge difference when it comes to the freight and shipping charges of your products.

Paxiom offers Flexible Packaging with its flow wrapping solutions

At Paxiom, our wrapping solutions are designed for entry-level to high-speed applications of flexible packaging. Completely made with versatility in mind, the SleekWrapper product line (which comes from one of our Paxiom brands, ValTara) manufacturers a series of flow packaging machines that fit your specific budget, package type, and production needs.

Our flow wrappers, Sleek 40, 45, and 64, and Sleek Inverted are all engineered to produce a flexible package that includes a back seal and top or bottom seal. They use the horizontal packaging process wherein products are loaded into the equipment and is wrapped in a film. This wrap film can be made with materials like polypropylene, foil, multilayer laminated, microperf, and many more. All our flexible packaging machines are constructed with stainless steel frames, run by servo motors, are belt-driven, and include several features but not limited to color touchscreen, temperature control, infeed conveyor, and rotary seal jaws.

Depending on the model, our SleekWrapper machines have the following mechanical rates:

  • Sleek 40 – up to 100 flexible packages per minute
  • Sleek 45 – up to 150 flexible packages per minute
  • Sleek 65 – up to 200 packages per minute
  • Sleek Inverted – up to 100 packages per minute

While the Sleek 40, 45, and 65 vary mostly on their production capacities, the Sleek Inverted sets itself apart with its unique functionality that allows the machine to wrap and seal challenging products that are difficult to push.