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New Mexico Packaging Machinery

Machine Packaging Systems in New Mexico

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Automatic tray forming machine

Vassoyo line of Tray Erectors from The Paxiom Group

EndFlex is a Paxiom brand that focuses on manufacturing solutions for case forming and case packing. Our large selection of tray formers and erectors are under two product lines: Vassoyo and VassoyoAir.

Vassoyo 3029 and 3934

Manufactured in two models, the Vassoyo 3029 and 3934 can erect up to 40 trays in just one minute. Both packaging machinery are capable of forming large or small tray sizes, with or without a lid. Our Vassoyo mechanical tray erectors are engineered to work on trays of multiple sizes and configurations with the use of hot melt glue. Moreover, they’re capable of gentle handling to maintain the aesthetics of the trays.

Vassoyo Mini

Equipped with glue guns, our Vassoyo Mini applies glue to the minor flaps of the tray before it goes to the forming section. As its name suggests, this tray erecting machine works only on a variety of small trays, whether they have a lid or not. Built with a compact footprint, this Mini tray erector can fit any production line. For the glue application, the machine comes with a glue system.

Vassoyo XL

For extra-large trays of different configurations, we offer our Vassoyo XL, another automatic tray forming machine that folds and glues your tray blanks one at a time. Constructed with a heavy-duty steel frame, our Vassoyo XL is also mechanically driven, which only requires low maintenance. It can form up to 30 trays per minute. Common industries that are catered by Vassoyo XL are toy, gaming, hardware, consumer goods, and auto parts.

VassoyoAir for Produce or Showcase Trays

Designed for showcase and produce trays, this model of VassoyoAir packaging machine is equipped with a vacuum cup technology to efficiently pull down the tray blanks one by one. Like the previous Vassoyo tray erectors, it applies a hot melt glue to the flaps of the blank. For produce trays, it uses the standard version of the mandrel while the retractable mandrel is utilized for showcase trays.

VassoyoAir for Breaker Box Trays

A breaker box-style tray is mostly used in fully automatic production lines in several food and beverage applications. This VassoyoAir model for breaker box trays is designed to form tray blanks into a display-ready tray. It’s a mechanically designed machine and is equipped with a high-performance welded steel frame to provide a 24/7 operation. This tray former also has a low-maintenance vacuum system coupled with self-cleaning vacuum cups, improving the reliability and convenience of the machine.

VassoyoAir for Triangular Corner Post Trays

Ideally used for fresh produce, poultry, meat, snacks, and consumer goods, triangular corner post trays, it’s no surprise how triangular corner posts trays are popular these days. As such, we have created our own forming machine for this specific tray configuration. Coming from the VassoyoAir series, this automatic tray former is built with a high-capacity hopper for an efficient and reliable blank loading. It’s capable of streamlining the maintenance process thanks to its quick and easy access machine parts. This particular model of VassoyoAir can operate 24/7.

VassoyoAir for XL Trays

With a pre-load station that works by holding bundles of corrugated trays, this unique VassoyoAir XL uses a top sheet feed mechanism to feed blanks to the machine. It’s operable on wide trays ranging from large to extra-large sizes, with or without a cover. With its high-speed roller mechanism, the indexing of tray blanks is done at a constant speed.