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Newfoundland Packaging Machinery

Packaging Machines in Newfoundland and Labrador

Known for its snowy reputation, Newfoundland & Labrador is a great place for those who don’t mind the cold for most time of the year. Despite the freezing temperature, there are a variety of outdoor things locals and tourists enjoy in this province. Gros Morne National Park is one of the province’s treasured spots with its lush landscape of fjords and mountains that’s partly covered with dense forest. Then lying at the northern tip of the Great Northern Peninsula is the L’Anse aux Meadows National Historic site, a vibrant greenery plain where you can see six houses made of grass sods that are believed to have been built around year-1,000.

Want to see where Newfoundland and Labrador separates? Head over to the Red Bay National Historic Site to see the 17-km wide Strait of Belle Isle that borders Labrador and Newfoundland. And of course, you must not miss the provincial capital of St. John’s. This oldest and most easterly city in North America has big-city charms and refreshing small-town feels. Some of the popular sites in the city are the Basilica-Cathedral of St. John, the Quidi Vidi Village Plantation, and George Street.

Why use rollstock for packaging your products

For many businesses, discussions about which packaging material to use is common. In this day and time, packaging design is quickly evolving as more and more manufacturers are now leaning towards innovative, flexible packaging. But the real question is: how can you customize your packaging to set your brand among others, draw consumers to your products, and keep your products fresh?

During the past couple of years, packaging technology has come a long way. And among the many exciting and well-received advancements is the use of flexible films or rollstock to accommodate the packaging needs of numerous sectors. Things like quick turnaround and enhanced appearance are just two of the many reasons why companies choose to go with high-quality rollstock.

More room for customization

Branding is important, but even more so, if you want your product to stand out among other several similar products on the shelf. A rollstock can be used in your custom bags so you can attract the eyes of your target customers. At Paxiom, we have packaging machines that can produce flexible packages with zipper closures so the content can remain fresh even after opening. Other features you should consider are those that come with tear notches to provide an easier opening of the package.

Premium product protection

The packaging is one thing and the content inside is another. You could have the most attractive looking packaging but still, have low sales because the product itself isn’t equally impressive. One aspect that ensures the quality of your product is by providing superior protection. And yes, rollstock packaging can do that for you. Our packaging machines are engineered to keep harmful factors like oxygen, dust, moisture, and vapor out of the package, thus, boosting the shelf life of the product.

Quick turnaround

Through horizontal or vertical FFS machines, you can produce more packages per minute, and in high-quality, too. And with the right packaging manufacturer, you can reduce the lead times on replenishment due to having developed stocking and inventory quick turn programs.

Less negative environmental effect

Unlike traditional packaging materials, using rollstock to create flexible pouches for product protection gives you a much sustainable and lightweight option. New technology these days also uses a wide range of recyclable materials. Pluss, rollstock utilizes less material and less energy to create. As a result, the packaging machines for rollstock packaging release fewer greenhouse gas emissions, hence, minimizing the harm on the environment.

At Paxiom, we take great pride in our various models of rollstock packaging machines that operate to provide flexible bags and pouches. Categorized into two packaging technologies, we have:

Vertical rollstock packaging

Commonly used for packaging poultry, seafood, coffee, powders, candy, and confections, our VFFS machines use a cylindrical roll of film to package these products into a flexible pouch with a vertical back seal and top or bottom horizontal seals. These machines are available in two brands: VerTek and XPdius. Our VerTek is ideal for producing large pouches while our XPdius is best used for high-speed applications.

Horizontal rollstock packaging

For our horizontal bagging, we have the R2B, an automatic FFS packaging machine that can produce a variety of pouches with or without zipper closures. Like the VFFS machines, our horizontal packaging solutions use rollstock film to produce flexible bags or pouches. It also has available options like a hole punch, tear-notch, and gas flush.