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North Carolina Packaging Machinery

Packaging Solutions in North Carolina

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Tote and case weigh filling system packaging machine

Weighing the pros and cons of net weigh fillers

Net weigh fillers are a type of packaging machinery that works by filling containers with products that are sold by weight. These equipment are mostly common for food and beverage products, as well as some hygiene and cosmetic items. Depending on the industry of your business, selling by weight could be the most ideal option. However, there are some advantages and disadvantages when it comes to using a net-weigh filler for your filling solutions.

Filling capacity

In most instances, net-weigh filling machines are used for bulk products sold in large quantities, specifically for liquids. That said, these filling machines are extremely versatile, thus, they can be configured to also fill containers of any size. However, if your primary applications are for products in small sizes, this type of filler is not the best option. It’s because net weigh fillers are not as cost-effective when used for small quantities as they are when used for higher quantities.

Modes of operation

Depending on the machine, your net-weigh filler can be operated in a semi-automatic or fully automatic mode, letting you run your production lines with fewer workers, less effort, and more efficiency. Many machines of this type can fill at least 3000 containers a day.


For certain products, net-weigh fillers are the only practical and appropriate way to fill containers. It’s important to also make sure all the regulations by your industry and products are met. A net-weigh filler, when used properly on the right applications, can save you tons of money and time.

PrimoLinear series of net weigh fillers from the Paxiom Group

Designed for automatic net-weigh filling applications, our series of PrimoLinear packaging machinery can operate a wide range of bags, jars, cartons, containers, and trays. Available in several models, we have the following PrimoLinear machines:


This automatic conveyorized net weigher is used for non-free-flowing or fragile products that cannot be used by vibration. It comes with leading-edge mechanical features such as an open frame, easy integration, tool-less removable buckets, tool-less removable funnel, and adjustable funnel.


Another conveyorized net weigher is the C-25 which also has motor-operated belts to successfully move the product from the hopper to the weigh bucket, instead of using vibration. This linear net weigher provides optimal cleanability and serviceability.


Specifically designed to fill both cases and totes, this automatic scale utilizes vibratory feed pans to move your products. It’s equipped with dual discharge points making it compact and simple to use.


Coming from the PrimoLinear V-series, the V-Mini works perfectly with free-flowing products with its vibratory pans. It’s perfect for dispensing and weighing products into containers, cases, and bags. This filler can cater to products of up to 200 grams.


Featuring stainless steel construction and a modular frame, our V-5 net weigher lets owners add lanes for higher production demands in the future. It comes with vibrator assemblies that are all spring-mounted to provide a more accurate yet faster product flow.


Applicable for products weighing from 2 lbs to 50 lbs, this automatic net weigher features an open-frame design, in addition to its modular design and independent floor frame. It can also be easily integrated with any auxiliary machine.