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Nova Scotia Packaging Machinery

Packaging Machine Equipment in Nova Scotia

Located on the eastern edge of the Canadian mainland, Nova Scotia is a quiet and beautiful province with its long coastline dotted with sandy beaches and plump islands. Apart from these, you can also find cool craft breweries, scenic hiking trails, and charming cities in this small Canadian province. Known for frequent tide fluctuations, Burntcoat Head Park in Noel allows you to walk on the ocean floor. You can also explore a lighthouse, walking trails, and a park while you’re there. The port town of Lunenburg is another must-visit place as it’s packed with things to do. Hailed as the UNESCO world heritage site, every tourist can’t help but fall for this town’s charm, especially with gems like Ironworks Distillery and Salt Shaker Deli.

Get a taste of locally grown grapes at Luckett Vineyards. Interestingly, the place is famous for its Phone Box that lets you make a free call anywhere in the United States. For some dramatic scenes on the road, head over to the Cabot Trail in Cape Breton. It’s a 300-kilometer coastal route where you can see beaches, cliffs, viewpoints, and a twisting road that will give you more than enough chances to take gorgeous photos.

EndFlex Catania Worldwide VassoyoAir automatic forming machine for produce trays

R2B horizontal form and seal bagging machine and PrimoCombi multihead weigher

Form Fill Seal (FFS) Machines – A Brief Overview

FFS machines are a type of packaging machine that forms, fills, and seals a package using a single machine. These innovative machines feature a computer interface and control networks. Due to their great speed and versatility, many businesses prefer using FFS machines. The form fill seal industry, as a whole, is now expecting a surge in the number of entrants because of the regular expansions in the packaging industry. There is also a higher demand for stand-up and retort pouches, driving the bag sector in the FFS machine market. And with the growth in demand for economical and lightweight solutions, the demand for bags has also increased.

There are two types of FFS machines: vertical FFS packaging machines and horizontal FFS packaging machines. A VFFS machine is known for its flexibility that includes a type of automated assembly packaging system. This kind of FFS machine is typically used in industries like food. A vertical bagging machine creates plastic bags out of a film, while simultaneously filling these bags with product and sealing the bags. Solids and liquids are operable with VFFS packaging machines.

Paxiom’s vertical FFS machines


Capable of producing as many as 100 bags per minute, the XPdius vertical packaging machine includes twin servo motors and drives to provide high speed, performance, and serviceability. It’s also equipped with several tool-less features combined with complete accessibility to the mechanics of the machine. As a result, operators can easily get to the inside, front, and back of the frame.


Designed with service in mind, the VerTek family of vertical packaging machines come in standard with simplified pull belts and jaw assembly. And to ensure even and precise seals, we have engineered these machines with swiveling mounts. Other features include side access panel, quick-disconnect sealing jaws, compact design, and a tool-less removable former.

On the other hand, an HFFS machine is usually used to package solid items that aren’t free-flowing. This type of machine is engineered to include two molding stations and two sealing areas so it’s easier to switch from one size pack to another with no downtime. This technology comes especially handy in facilities where changeovers happen frequently. In general, horizontal FFS packaging machines are used for delicate products that cannot withstand a high drop. Some businesses prefer these baggers to accommodate their customers who want a stand-up bag with a zipper closure or a spout for ease of opening and convenient consumption of products. Through these machines, shaped pouches can be delivered to end consumers with better aesthetics and shelf presence.

Paxiom’s horizontal FFS machines


Our only horizontal bagging machine comes from WeighPack System, a Paxiom brand that focuses mostly on automated weigh-filling and bagging solutions. Engineered for high-performance applications, the R2B 3600 uses a roll stock film to construct pouches of various styles (e.g., 3-sided seal, doy style, and 4-sided seal. It’s built with front and back large removable access panels for easy cleaning and servicing. On top of this, we have engineered it with encoder positioning logic that allows for precise control of the R2B during machine set up and production.