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Ohio Packaging Machinery

Packing and Sealing Systems in Ohio

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Why packaging lines need a case sealer

The main goal of a packaging line is to create a perfect box. Before, many procedures were done by people, however, with the advancement in technology, many production processes are now performed by packaging machinery, boosting the accuracy and speed of operations. What’s more, the initial investment for these leading-edge packaging machines has become affordable for small businesses. There are countless types of packaging machinery that distribution centers are relying on when it comes to their packaging lines that will help with creating boxes, filling boxes, and transporting packages out of the warehouse. One of the most important machines is the case sealer.

Paxiom offers a broad range of case sealers

Case sealers are used to perform one of the most crucial steps in the packaging line, and that is to seal the package before it’s shipped to consumers. A reliable case sealing machine can create a perfect sealed case every time. Be it cost savings, speed, or consistency, case sealers won’t disappoint you.

At Paxiom, we manufacture case sealers for your specific needs and applications. You can also work closely with us so we can help you find the right case sealer and other types of packaging machines for you. Here are the types of case sealing machines we have for you:


Coming from our brand partner, EndFlex, the EZTape family of case sealers are made with ease of use and flexibility in mind. We manufacture them in two modes: semi-automatic and automatic. For our semi-automatic case sealer, we have the CS-A50, a completely adjustable case sealer that tapes both the top and/or bottom of your case. It can run 15 cycles per minute and can work on cases as wide as 20 inches. It features tool-less tape heads and removable tape cartridges to ensure that the sealing process is accurate and consistent.

For automatic case sealers that use tape, we have the CS-150 that offers simple operation. It’s completely adjustable and can work on cases that have different widths and heights. Also known as the Random Case Sealer, the CS-150 is equipped with heavy-duty side-belt drives, tool-less tape heads, and casters. Since it’s automated, it operates by automatically closing and sealing your RSC cases. Other great features it has are easy-to-remove tape cartridges, quick-adjust, side safety guarding, and quick changeover.

Then we also have CS-C50, another automatic case sealer, but this time, it’s called the Uniform Case Closer. Like all other EZTape models, this one is easy to use and completely adjustable. With dual masts, it makes the whole sealing process stable. For tight seals, this case sealer is equipped with high-performance side-belt drives. Furthermore, its changeovers are quick and easy. Made for portable use, this sealer has casters and can also work alone or as part of your current production line.


In contrast, our EZGlue case sealer that makes use of hot-melt glue for sealing is available in three models with varying mechanical ratings. The Flight Bar version is capable of completing 40 cycles per minute (CPM), the Bag-in-Box model with a maximum of 22 CPM, and the Belt Drive sealer with up to 22 CPM. All models, however, have the same features such as a heavy-duty steel frame, Omron PLC, a mechanical chain drive, interlocked doors, a glue system, SMC pneumatic components, a color touchscreen, and many more.