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Pouch Filling Machines

Pouch Filling Machines

Paxiom offers a large range of pouch filling machines all coming from various bagging solutions including vertical bagging, horizontal bagging, pre-made pouch bagging, and wicketed bagging. From pouch filling snack food, candy, chocolates, bagels to filling fruits, vegetables and frozen foods, we provide them all for you.

Pouch Filling Machines We Offer

Starting with our vertical form fill and seal bagging solutions, we have two brands of pouch filling machines. First is the VerTek series that produces vertical pouches or bags as wide as 24 inches. Equipped with easy to remove pull belts and a tool-less removable forming collar, the VerTek vertical bagging machine is truly designed with service in mind. Engineered for ease of use, serviceability, and clean-ability, our VerTek series comes in four models namely:

  1. The VerTek 800 – up to 8” wide pouches
  2. VerTek 1200 – up to 12” wide pouches
  3. VerTek 1600 – up to 16” wide pouches
  4. The VerTek 2400 – up to 24” wide pouches

XPdius Elite i-130

Another pouch filling machine from the vertical bagging solution is the XPdius Elite i-130 which can finish up to 100 cycles per minute. This high-speed bagging machine offers time-saving benefits when loading film, replacing pull belts and doing bag widths changeovers thanks to its several tool-less features. Designed for complete convenience, you can easily access the mechanics of the machine through the front, bank, and inside of the frame. It can fill pouches sizing of 3 to 13 inches wide and 2.5 to 16 inches long.

R2B Horizontal Form Fill & Seal Bagger

The third is the R2B Horizontal Form Fill & Seal Bagger that makes use of laminated roll stock film as the main material in creating a wide range of pouch styles reducing your material costs since you no longer need to spend on pre-made bags. Its pouch size capacity is from 3.5 up to 7.75 inches wide and from 5.5 up to 11 inches long. Lastly, it can form, fill and seal various pouch styles including 3-sided seal, 4-sided seal, and doy style stand-up pouches with or without a zipper enclosure.

Swifty Bagger

Then we also have the Swifty Bagger Pre-Made Pouch Machines. These are for pre-made laminated pouches in three styles: stand up, quad and 3 sided pouch. Available in three models. The Swifty Jr. featuring its compact footprint and an open design that makes it easy to set up, operate, and maintain. Finally, we have the Swifty 1200 and Swifty 3600, with their unique straight-flow design to promote high accessibility when it comes to machine parts.

Bingo, Zippy and Bingo Baggers

To end with, we have our three horizontal bagging machines for pre-made wicketed bags. Designed to automatically open, fill, and seal pouches of various styles and materials. First off is the Bingo Bagger that is engineered for filling larger bags coupled with its unique feature to provide consistent nitrogen residual. Next is the Zippy Bagger commonly used for high-speed filling needs of up to 35 bags per minute. These are laminated, low-density polyethylene materials, pillow pouches, or stand-up pouches. Lastly, we have the VS Bagger for solutions that do not require the sealing of pouches or bags. Nevertheless, it can be easily integrated with any existing rotary sealing machine, a Kwik Lok, or a twist tie.