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EndFlex Packaging Machinery Introduces Turn-Key System to Fill Bottles Into Cartons

July 7, 2023
July 7, 2023 Damien Sandoval

MIAMI–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Miami, Florida-based EndFlex Packaging Machinery LLC introduces its automated packaging system to robotically pick and place bottles into formed cartons and close.

The process begins with the Kartnr™ vertical cartoning machine to form chip-board cartons, then convey to the PKR-Delta™ robotic pick and place cell where bottles are orientated and placed into the carton. Once bottles are loaded, the carton is then conveyed to the carton closing system and subsequently to a case packing machine.

Designed to fill up to 50 cartons per minute and engineered to meet unique application requirements which included the flexibility to packaging a single, twin or three pack bottles while also rotation as needed.

Using Delta robotics provided far more flexibility to more accurately load bottles with unique spouts that require orientation that are not possible with conventional gravity fed systems.

Standard features include tool-less carton change over, vision guided Delta robot, end effector for each SKU, Omron PLC controls, heavy duty stainless steel frame and easily accessible recipes for rapid change over.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h52caLeXvjk

For over 20 years, EndFlex has been leader in the design, manufacture and integration of automated packaging machines. Its technologies include case / tray forming, cartoning, conveying, case / tray packing and robotics.


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