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High-Precision Cannabis Automatic Weigher Receives NTEP Certification

February 17, 2023
February 17, 2023 Damien Sandoval

LAS VEGAS – Canapa by Paxiom is proud to announce that its PrimoCombi weigh filling system been awarded the NTEP Certificate of Conformance from the National Conference on Weights and Measures.

After rigorous, repetitive testing both inhouse, in the field and in a temperature-controlled chamber, the PrimoCombi Multi-head weighing system has received NCWM’s Accuracy Class II certificate, used for laboratory weighing of products ranging from cannabis to precious metals.PrimoCombi NTEP certified

Engineered to accurately weigh and dispense cannabis flower, the PrimoCombi is the industry’s leading choice weigh filling. Features include 14 head weigh filling system, semi-automatic zero setting mechanism (SAZSM), stainless steel construction, liquid crystal display, touch screen, Windows interface, free online support via digital camera, embedded production reporting and Category 3 event logger.

Field testing was conducted at the applicant’s facility. Multiple static increasing and decreasing tests were performed, the device was sealed, and 100 hours of operation were conducted. At the completion of 100 hours of operation the post-performance static increasing and decreasing tests were repeated to device capacity.

To learn more about the NTEP approved cannabis the PrimoCombi weigh filling machine, visit: https://www.canapasolutions.com/weigh-filling-cannabis/

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