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WeighPack introduces food service weigh filling and vacuum packaging machine

January 25, 2020
January 25, 2020 Thiru

Bingo bagger vacuum packaging machine with weighing

We are excited to showcase our food service vacuum packaging machine for food service packaging.

The PrimoLinear V-5 net weigh filling machine automatically weighs and dispenses a wide variety of food products including produce, cheese, meat and poultry. Integrated with the Bingo Bagger wicket pouch machine, the packaging system can accurately weigh and dispense from a little as 500 grams to 10 pounds into a single pouch.

Unique is the Bingo Bagger’s ability to provide MAP (modified atmosphere) or VAC (vacuum) packaging capabilities making it ones of the only automatic packaging machines of its kind.

Both the Bingo Bagger and PrimoLinear weigh filling machines are on display in Paxiom’s Xperience Centers.