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Prince Edward Island Packaging Machinery

Packing Equipment Systems in Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island is the smallest province in Canada. Still, this didn’t hold back the island from bringing a diverse range of attractions to the table. In fact, its rural charms are what attracts many people to this unspoiled little island of farmland, dunes, and lakes. One of the most popular attractions is the enormous Prince Edward Island National Park, covering much of the island’s central, northern coastline. The park boasts its own set of attractions from beaches and other outdoor areas to historic buildings.

For a Victorian-era vibe, Charlottetown is the place to go. Heritage buildings of various feels can be found in this small town. What’s more, it’s home to the Confederation CEntre of the Arts, a major cultural hub that features a museum, art gallery, and theaters. Are you a fan of L.M. Montgomery? Then surely, you’ve read her famous work, Anne of Green Gables. At Cavendish, you can see the real-life green-roofed farmhouse, which is known as Green Gables to many. If you’re into lighthouses, then you’ve come to the right place. Points East Coastal Drive is on the eastern end of the island/Along the drive, you can visit six lighthouses.

Polypropylene as a flow wrapping film material

When it comes to horizontal flow wrapping, polypropylene is the most commonly used film. This material provides an overwrapping package to snack foods, baked goods, candy, and many more. It is commonly composed of three layers: an outer coating, a polypropylene core, and an inner sealant layer. The outer layer is typically coated with Acrylic so the film won’t melt on the crimping jaws. This is also done to lessen the friction on contacted surfaces.

Polypropylene overwrap films come with a containment seal and protect products from dust and dirt. This kind of packaging material is also capable of providing a certain degree of, albeit not full, protection from oxygen and moisture. However, over time, air exchange from inside to outside will occur with this film. Depending on your packaging needs, a polypropylene film can be available in numerous laminations. For instance, there’s an unprinted polypropylene that’s characterized by a clear film for complete visibility of the contents inside.

Polypropylene film can also be used with multiple types of sealing methods, be it through heat seal layers or a cold seal adhesive layer. For some sealant layers like EVA, metallocene, or Surlyn, they melt easily at lower temperatures compared to most sealant layers, thus, helping boost production lines. Also, polypropylene can be laminated with other materials like low-density polyethylene so it can be utilized for gas flush or Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) applications.

A barrier film and airtight seals are necessary for these gas flush applications. With a barrier film, there won’t be any atmosphere exchange in the package. Meanwhile, MAP applications involve the replacement of oxygen with nitrogen, carbon dioxide, or a mix of both gases. This process curbs mold growth while extending the shelf life of the content in the package.

Paxiom offers wrapping solutions

Our SleekWrapper product line is a family of flow pack machines. Flow wrappers, or also known as horizontal form fill seal machines, are a type of packaging machinery that works to wrap your product in a printed or clear film. This kind of packaging is flexible, which allows flow wrappers to cater to a wide range of industries, be it wrapping soap bars and hardware to wrapping cookies and vegetables. At Paxiom, our versatile horizontal wrappers can be used for entry-level or high-speed applications.

First off, we have the Sleek 40, an economical solution for startups and small businesses that want simple, easy-to-operate packaging machinery to cater to their entry-level production needs. Along with its ease of use, our Sleek 40 is also made for simple maintenance while offering reliability and flexibility. Moving forward, we have the Sleek 45, a more advanced model of Sleek 40 that’s ideal for factories that work 24/7. This flow wrapper packaging machinery has four servo motors to provide easy changeover and adjustment. In addition to its easy maintenance, this machine also offers low maintenance costs.

Then, for high-speed production lines, we offer the Sleek 65, a completely robust servo-drive wrapper that’s built for a 24/7 environment. Featuring five servo motors, this packaging machinery offers precise positioning alongside quick adjustment and changeover. To sum it up, our servo-drive SleekWrapper comes in various models to match your budget and production requirements. All models also provide quality wrappings thanks to the eye-mark sensing technology.