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Saskatchewan Packaging Machinery

Packing and Packaging Equipment in Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan is characterized by its flat prairie landscapes, dunes, badlands, and lakes. The place screams “outdoor” everywhere you go, especially with the absence of major metropolitan centers. Yet, it’s also home to some cool towns and cities. Saskatoon, for example, is a lovely city in the South Saskatchewan River that’s known for its local heritage. There, you can learn more about the history of the city at the Wanuskewin Heritage Park and the Ukrainian Museum of Canada. Stretching at 100 kilometers is the Athabasca Sand Dunes, the largest active sand surface in North America. The dunes are home to a most unique ecosystem and some rare plants.

For a wide expanse of prairies and wheat fields, drive by the Trans-Canada Highway in southern Saskatchewan. As you drive along the Highway, you can pass through Regina and the town of Swift Current. Places like Cypress Hills Provincial Park and Qu’Appelle Valley are accessible from the highway, so feel free to take detours as much as you want. Want to relax at an all-natural spa? The Little Manitou Lake is perfect for you. Filled with briny water that contains natural skin and body care properties, the water allows you to rejuvenate while also taking a swim.

Benefits of multihead weighing machines to Saskatchewan businesses

For businesses in the food sector specifically those that deal with fresh items, efficient weighing and fast transport is essential. This is to ensure that your products are effectively and properly packaged without waste, which in turn, boosts your profits. Do you have a multihead weigher? If not then has it occurred to you to invest in this packaging machinery?

Through a multihead weigher, fresh products like salads, pasta, cheese, meats, and fish can be weighed and moved to other stations at incredibly high speeds. Products like these are often considered hard to weigh or normally get stuck within the weighing machine. Rather than operating with one weight, a multihead weighing machine is versatile enough to program several weights within the weighing heads.

Understanding multihead weighers better

Also known as combination weighers, these packaging machines work by separating a product into various weigh hoppers, which is controlled by a built-in computer system. The computer functions by determining which combination of individual hoppers should be opened altogether to match the target weight per pack. The primary advantages of multihead weighing are its accuracy and speed. Accuracy is integral to reduce product giveaway and increase yields of packaged products. Meanwhile, speed is essential to achieve throughput and efficiency per shift or production cycle.

This type of packaging machinery can be used as a standalone or can be integrated into a production line to match your specific requirements. When used alongside other machines, you need to keep in mind the conveyor machines that will move your product to the weigher and how the products are transported to the final packaging. At Paxiom, we have the PrimoCombi Multi-Head Weigher that’s specifically designed for the food sectors with its hygienic design and use of stainless steel construction. It’s 360 Operating System is user-friendly, intuitive and can be easily adjusted.

Key mechanical features

The PrimoCombi is also made with leading-edge mechanics. For starters, its mechanical design gives way to a clean and uncluttered weigher. Another key feature is the adjustable hopper that’s completely tool-less and rotatable for simple cleaning and product changeover. Plus, this helps improve product flow. And of course, we have engineered this combination scale with smarter electronics in the form of a CAN bus electrical system. As a result, it dramatically reduces wiring and components, which in turn, lowers the machine’s maintenance costs and simplifies its servicing. On top of that, its control panel can be installed away from the weigher to provide easy access and eliminate the risk of damage when cleaning.

Key software features

After years of research coupled with a dedicated team and billion bytes of codes, we at Paxiom have created our brand of multi-head weigher that features state-of-the-art software to make the combination weighing easy, operator-friendly, and efficient. Equipped with PC controls, the machine can be configured to send data, integrate with third-party software, and interface with ERP/MRP. Moreover, you can set up alerts to automatically receive reports. The PrimoCombi also comes with Crystal Reports that let you archive the production results, produce analysis, and do event logging. The reports can be customized in whatever format you choose.

You can also avail of the PrimoCombi with additional peripherals such as a product stopper, hand crank, a digital camera, a barcode scanner, and stainless steel touchscreen.