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South Carolina Packaging Machinery

Packing Systems for South Carolina Businesses

With its Southern hospitality and beautiful beaches, South Carolina is more than just the state nestled up against the Atlantic Ocean. It’s bountiful attractions and sites will draw every kind of traveler. One of its popular coastal destinations is Myrtle Beach with its amazing shopping and modern attractions, from the science museum called WonderWorks to Ripley’s Aquarium and the famous Skywheel. For your adventure day, go to Caesars Head State Park where you can see the stunning views of Georgia and the Carolinas. It’s a great place to hike or just drive around the park to explore the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

To get a taste of South Carolina cuisine, check out Soda City Market that’s packed with local produce, foods, and crafts. The neighborhood also features buskers of all ages for free music. If you’re fond of antiques, the best place for you is Camden. The city is home to some of the best antique stores, as well as historic homes. You may also want to visit Greenville City in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. The vibrant downtown boasts over 90 restaurants and pubs. It’s also where Falls Park is located, a great place to hike, bike ride, or just have a picnic.

Multi weigh into vertical fill machine

Polyethylene as a packaging material

Various packaging options are available in the market today, yet even until now, polyethylene is one of the widely used packaging materials. Thanks to its low cost and chemically resistant feature, it’s the most durable type of plastic we have today. Also known as PE, polyethylene is derived from petroleum polymers, giving it the ability to withstand any environmental hazards. Here are the major benefits of using polyethylene packaging:

1. Better protection

Water vapor cannot pass through polyethylene materials, making it leakage proof. It can also be used with an airtight seal for added protection. PE is most known for its ability to protect the product from tampering and moisture.

2. Extremely adaptable

Polyethylene comes in several colors, thickness, and transparency. It makes a great option for industries that are looking for highly customizable and versatile packaging materials.

3. Very lightweight

Completely lightweight, polyethylene packaging doesn’t take up much space. As such, it’s easier to transport as well.

4. Affordable

High-density polyethylene is a type of PE that’s popular for its low cost. This PE is also easy to handle and is usually identified by its opaque appearance that appeals to the consumers.

5. Durable

Another upside of PE packaging is that it’s resistant and durable to external factors, ensuring that the content inside is well-preserved. High-density polyethylene, for instance, is resistant to puncture and tear.

Paxiom offers Polyethylene Packaging Machinery

Polyethylene materials are highly versatile, which makes them applicable for a large range of products. As such, at Paxiom, we have created several types of packaging machinery that’s catered to run on polyethylene bags or pouches. These machines are as the following:

Bingo Bagger

This unique packaging machine features two distinct options: foot pedal and Modified Atmosphere Packaging. Designed to handle various materials, the Bingo Bagger operates by automatically opening, filling, and sealing pre-made polyethylene bags. It’s completely versatile owing to its low overall height and casters that allow the bagger to be rolled in and out.

Zippy Bagger

Another packaging machinery of ours that can handle your polyethylene pouches is the Zippy Bagger. It’s an automatic machine that features a compact design and simple operation. This bagger also provides a manual loading option. The Zippy Bagger is also configured with filler interface connections to allow easy integration with weighing and conveyor machines. Other features include pivoting casters with locks, completely adjustable wicket assembly, stainless steel construction, rotary trim knife, and many more.


Aside from polyethylene, our VerTek series can also form, fill, and seal laminated materials. With its compact design, this packaging machinery can easily fit into any production line. The VerTek is made simpler to allow auger fillers and linear scales to be smoothly integrated above its frame. It also comes with a side access panel, heating elements, a color touchscreen, and a tool-less removable former.


This high-performance machine is created with time-saving features. Its design provides complete access to the machine mechanics. Driven by servo motors, the XPdius also uses vacuum pull belts to minimize film slippage on the forming tube. For your polyethylene packaging needs, you can opt to include a polyethylene sealing assembly with your XPdius machine. Other options included are printing, gas flushing, and pivoting bag support.