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Tennessee Packaging Machinery

Packaging Machine Systems for Tennessee Companies

As one of the most beautiful places in the country, Tennessee is also regarded as the land of country music alongside its rich history and beautiful sights scattered within the state. Starting with the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, visitors will surely fall in love with this place. You can find the main entrance in a town called Gatlinburg. While you’re at the park, make sure to explore the popular spots like Alum Cave Trail and Cades Cove. Only in Nashville can you find the Country Music Hall of Fame, making it the hub of the nation’s country music scene. Then, there’s also Memphis that boasts the famous Beale Street, WC Handy’s House, and many more.

For museum lovers, make sure to stop by at Lotz House Museum that played a historic role in the Civil War. There, you can see the Lotz family’s antiques, heirlooms, handmade furniture, and more. For an all-around attraction, go to Discovery Park of America in Union that functions as a museum, park, and garden. It’s packed with education exhibits and some special exhibit areas, where you can see things you never know could exist in real life.

Case Packer with Up Stacker for Jugs of Liquid - 2 x 1 Pack Pattern

Why gusseted bags are popular in the packaging world

For many years now, the packaging industry has seen a great increase in the range of packaging solutions. From wooden jars to glass and plastic containers, the industry has now taken a huge liking to bags, pouches, bottles, specifically, gusseted bags. Suffice it to say, the packaging realm has been rapidly evolving beyond anyone’s imagination. Nowadays, you’d hardly see products packaged and shipped in wooden and cloth packaging because many modern businesses and supermarkets have long since abandoned these packaging solutions.

Rather, plastic packaging can be seen almost everywhere and from nearly all industries. Simply put, plastic has become the new princess of the modern packaging industry. Today, many companies use gusseted pouches/bags due to its several benefits over other packaging types. Below are the major benefits of a gusseted bag:

Gusseted stay stand erect

One of the best features of gusseted bags is their flat bottom, allowing them to stand erect when filling them with products. Once there are contents inside the gusseted bag, the product skins to the bottom of the pouch and because of its heavy bottom, the pouch doesn’t need any external support.

Gusseted takes up less space

Compared to bottles, jars, and other plastic packaging types, gusseted pouches occupy less space in the store shelves and consumer kitchen, making them neater.

Gusseted is portable

Thanks to its uniform weight distributions, gusseted packaging is easier to transport from one place to another compared to other packaging solutions. Store owners and consumers can conveniently carry them around as well.

Gusseted provides a variety of options

Gusseted bags or pouches come in several configurations. They are available in different shapes, materials used, and sizes.

Choose Paxiom for your Gusseted Packaging solutions

For business owners and supermarkets that wish to have their products displayed attractively on the shelves, gusseted bags are a great option. At Paxiom, we fully understand that having flexible, high-quality, and durable packaging is important. As such, when it comes to packaging machinery for gusseted bags, we have manufactured the following:

VerTek 800 & 1200

Capable of producing up to 12 inches wide of gusseted bags, our VerTek 800 and 120 are both engineered with a single-piece steel frame, making way for a cleaner machine with better accessibility. With a tool-less removable bag forming tube accompanied by adjustable pull belts, our gusseted VerTek packaging machinery allows for easy changeovers. The VerTek series also comes with film roll shafts for less vibration.

VerTek 1600

With a simple and compact design, the VerTek 1600 model products gusseted bags made with laminate or polyethylene materials. It’s easy to maintain and operate and comes with low-maintenance and low-cost machine parts. This robust packaging machinery is capable of creating large bags as wide as 16 inches, and in various styles at that. To boost its durability, we have also engineered our Vertek with Lexan safety guards, Thompson shafts, and Weinview color touchscreen.

VerTek 2400

This high-performance, the heavy-duty packaging machine is ideal for bulk applications of gusseted bags. It delivers higher productivity and material savings, boosting your business’s ROI. Designed for large formats, the VerTek 2400 can produce gusseted bags up to 24 inches wide. It features an open frame design for a more convenient servicing and accessibility. For a quicker and safer changeover, you can opt to upgrade the VerTek to a shaft-less film roll support.